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His focus in recent years has been on Essentielle Psychotherapie," based on Buddhist psychology, and including elements of focusing, psychosynthesis and the work of Phyllis Krystal.

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Founding Director of the Vermont Center for Psychosynthesis (1974-present), the Lake Champlain Waldorf School (1982-1986), the North American Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis (1993-present), the Burlington chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans Society (1994), and on the original staff at Threshold (1973-1974), now Champlain Drug and Alcohol of Howard Mental Health Services.

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Michael Lindemann specializes in hypnosis for smoking cessation, certified through the International Hypnosis Federation. He earned a degree in transpersonal psychology from Antioch University and trained in psychological counseling at Stanford University and the Psychosynthesis Institute of San Francisco. As a smoking cessation specialist he is certified in a proven hypnosis system that enables clients to become smoke-free in one session. He is also a former cigarette smoker – now smoke-free for over 20 years – who intimately understands the challenge of quitting. If you are a smoker who truly wants to quit, Michael is committed to helping you become a non-smoker once and for all.

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We’re served an elegant, non cholesterol dinner in his office (the townhouse is a collector’s dream of shells, folk art, and plants), and he gives me a brief bio, none of which, interestingly, bears much logical connection to his current station. He grew up in Lower Marion, Pennsylvania, as Jack Rosenberg, son of a Jewish father in the hotel and restaurant business, and an Episcopalian mother. He had an ordinary growing up, and was not remarkably studious, athletic, or popular, got married right out of high school, and had four kids. In his early twenties he fled the East, changed his name en route (after reading an Esquire magazine piece on the plane about Germany, in which was mentioned Wernher vein Braun and Ludwig Erhard), settled in San Francisco. He married his current wife, Ellen, with whom he has three children, and became vice president of Parents’ Magazine Cultural Institute. (When he “got it,” he went back to clean up his past life. Now, everybody in his family has been involved with est.)

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A growing number of mental health practitioners are searching for both models (a) to understand how consciousness expands and transforms and (b) of safe and effective ways to aid such experiences for clients who want to have them. Psychosynthesis is such a model. It is a psychological and educational approach to human development that was first articulated by Italian psychoanalyst Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), a student of Freud and a colleague of Jung. The term Psychosynthesis has at its root two Greek words: syn, which means "together," and thesis, which means "a placing." The concept of synthesis implies a placing together of parts to form an integrated whole; Psychosynthesis refers to a process directed toward the integration and harmonious expression of human nature – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (Gerard, 1964).

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Mark Horowitz, MA, is a leadership and organizational development consultant, an experienced educator, and board certified coach. He trained in Humanistic Psychology with Abraham Maslow, PhD and in Psychosynthesis with Roberto Assagioli, MD. He has studied the field of human systems for over 35 years as a licensed individual and family therapist and as a management consultant and coach for businesses in the United States, Europe, Scandinavia, and Russia. He is a faculty member of the International School of Psychotherapy and Group Counseling in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has been an adjunct faculty member at John F. Kennedy University and Antioch San Francisco in California, and at Suffolk and Lesley Universities in Boston. Mark has taught Psychosynthesis at many centers around the world, including the Psychosynthesis Institute in San Francisco, and the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London.

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I thought I was going to see something about psychosynthesis as taught at the east west institute in San Francisco, California years ago. But what you are doing has nothing to do with that. is that correct?

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Projects such as a workshop at a school in Watts, a training in Harlem, the graduate seminars ($32 a head for a ten-session course), and a four-day training review for graduates ($35 a person) all function at a financial loss. The Foundation, nonprofit, was recently set up to sponsor research activities into human consciousness and is currently supporting a lengthy psychiatric study of the training’s outcome by Dr. Robert Ornstein of Langley-Porter Institute in San Francisco. The est advisory board, consisting primarily of prominent physicians, educators, and psychologists, counsels est’s programs and expansion.