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The fundamental assumptions of psychosynthesis are presented here through a discussion of seven constructs: synthesis, personality, evolution, energy, higher consciousness, the Self, and the will. Each construct is a detailed set of relationships and ideas. All seven are interwoven in psychosynthesis so that explaining any one of them involves mentioning several of the others. Thus while each section of this article could stand alone, a full picture of any one construct emerges only when all seven are studied together.

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If you would like to know more about any of the approaches, please do feel free to contact us and we can get one of the therapists who is trained in that particular model to call you and discuss in more detail how it works.

At the Turner Centre we have counsellors and psychotherapists trained in several of the different models – these include;

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy tries to understand reasons behind symptoms, emotional distress and emotional difficulties.

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The Transpersonal Will is a natural blend of goodness. skill and strength. Since the Higher Self is group conscious, intuitively aware of the interdependence of all individuals, the Transpersonal Will motivates actions based on a sense of responsibility. This Higher Will motivates actions that involves service to others, often requiring sacrifices to serve group needs and purposes. The Transpersonal Will guides the individual in positive directions: it is the force motivating right livelihood, right vocation, right action and right human relations. The will of Higher Self synthesizes the personality and higher consciousness, creating personality transformation that elevates the quality of group

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I am a psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work who has had a successful private practice for over 25 years and am now a certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach. I continue to help people through the coaching model that supports my belief that, as a population, we are ready to move from our healing work to reclaiming the life we deserve.  I was introduced to psychosynthesis at the same time that my traditional education began, over 30 years ago. Psychosynthesis has become the solid foundation from which my professional and personal life has grown. I see clients as their higher self and not as their presenting issues, thus supporting their dreams and goals and helping them clarify their next steps.

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Here is a list of the different types of psychotherapy available ..

Each therapist handles their own bookings. To make an appointment or for further information you are warmly invited to contact any of our team for a chat.

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People are now called upon to become responsible world citizens. There are enormous human potentials to be released, limits to be transcended and inner resources to be tapped by liberating ourselves from the viewpoints and values of the particular nation and subculture in which we live. Adeclaration of universal human rights has been developed by the United Nations that all could follow. The Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals have held individuals responsible to place universal principles of human conduct above the authority of a particular leader, nation or group.