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The psychological egoists say itis the latter.

PaulGetty, Jr., spends his life making investments and directing corporations.

In their view people always act to promote their ownself-interests.

And without understanding the germ of truth in psychological egoism wewould fail to perceive and appreciate the proper interaction of duty and habitin the making of the moral life.[18]
[1] Copyright @1988 by Hugh LaFollette.

-Gender emotional stereotyping and childhood development

Imagine how awfulit would be if, when meeting a close acquaintance on the street, we had, in eachand every case, to make a conscious decision to be friendly.) If we were taughtthe proper moral rules and attitudes, so much the better for us and everyoneelse.

Although we might be unhappy doing what they do, we assume they are satisfied.

- Is a midlife crisis a diagnosable psychological state?

The egoist notes this common phenomenon, but focuses inordinately on the factthat one's self-interest is sometimes promoted by forwarding the interests ofanother.

- The impact that our beliefs have on how we remember things

Concealable Stigma and Well-Being: The Role of Social Identity as a Buffer against Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

- How is stress related to memory and memory loss?

Student Perceptions of Middle School: Relation to Academic Motivation, Learning Strategies, and Academic Achievement in Science. Chair: Arthur P.

- How individuals perceive different facial expressions differently

McGheeChair: Michael Cunningham
Enhancing the Motivation of African American High School Students: Improving the Environmental Fit of Racial Identity

Mother Teresa enjoys her work and would be miserable if she had to mastermindcorporate takeovers.

- How early can we identify personality disorders in children?

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Getty would be wretched if he had to care for lepers orbecome a lawn chair salesman.

- Automative vs compulsive emotional response

As long as we are attuned to the genesis of overlapping interests,we can recognize the superiority of the modified thesis as an explanation forthis phenomenon.

Thesis: process X is a feasible way to do task Y

In particular, the egoist glosses over the fact that her self-interestis satisfied in this way only because she first developed a nonself-interest inher intimate.