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Any good stoma cover or filter will act to some extent as an "artificial nose" - will warm and humidify incoming air by absorbing exhaled moisture, which the next incoming breath passes through before entering the stoma and then lungs. The difference in the devices that have been named and accepted by Medicare as "HMEs" is that they seal all around the stoma, so that ALL incoming air must pass through them - none can get in around the bottom or sides - and thus they are often more effective - but not necessarily so. For instance, a Buchanan Stoma Protector, tied snugly around the neck and tucked under the shirt collar, will do a very, very good job of heat-moisture exchanging - not as perfect and complete as an HME, but much, much better than nothing - and as much as a lot of people want or need, especially for the price. Even one of the foam filters under a cotton turtle neck or mock turtle neck will do a pretty good job, as will many of the other types/brands of stoma covers/filters.

Another thing the HMEs do is to force the lungs to work harder to breathe in and out - more like they had to when they had to bring in the air over the tissues of the nose. Again, good stoma covers/filters will do this too - but, again, not quite so completely since they don't seal around the stoma.
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A second generation, low-resistance, indwelling silicone voice prosthesis
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Provox® Vega™ - Atos Medical

The second-generation Provox® prosthesis (Provox2) was introduced in 1997. Provox®2 is a low-resistance, indwelling silicone voice prosthesis that can be inserted:

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In 1990, the first Provox voice prosthesis was introduced, followed by the second generation, Provox2, in 1997. Provox has made a global impact. Now we proudly present the third generation - Provox Vega voice prosthesis with SmartInserter.

A non-indwelling voice prosthesis, designed to be inserted, removed and cleaned by the patients themselves
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to the insertion method for the voice prosthesis

By January 2009, I was using the Provox Xtrabase baseplate due to its rigid
center which accomodates stomas which were somewhat dented in, which mine
is. The Xtrabase is also the baseplate of choice if using a hands free
device, whether it be In Health's version or Provox's, as they both fit
onto all the baseplates. I never could master the use of the hands free
however, as it made my neck muscles hurt. So, even though I used a normal
HME with this baseplate, I have been quite satisfied with its service.

Provox® Vega® Voice Prosthesis

My biggest advantage of using a baseplate and HME is that it gave me an
extra level of protection when I am out in the public. It's an extra
expense and it creates a bit more work, but the use of these two products,
along with the silicone prosthesis, gets me closer, in my mind, back to the
feeling of being normal. My stoma is located low enough on my neck so
that when wearing a baseplate and HME they can be concealed under clothing,
which just gives me a better sense of normalcy. I can easily wear a shirt
and tie while wearing the baseplate and HME, which is just another plus for

For Provox voice prosthesis users who received ..

I usually will wear an Xtrabase baseplate for 48 hours before removing and
discarding it. Also, I am beginning my 4th year of wearing this self
adhesive baseplate, and I have never used any other chemicals to aid in
keeping it attached or in help of removing it. One baseplate will be used
for 2 showers, with the aid of the Provox shower attachment. Usually,
during the second shower, after I am completed with the shower, I will
remove the baseplate and shower attachment and clean around my stoma with
the hot spray in the shower. If you do this, you must remember to stand
back and not let any direct spray of water into your stoma...if you do
you'll know immediately. But doing this it really soothes the skin around
the stoma where the adhesive from the baseplate was. I think this is the
one primary reason I have not had any significant skin irritations since
wearing the baseplates. After getting out of the shower, I attach a new
baseplate after cleaning in and around my stoma area and then attach a new
HME, then shave, then I am ready to wear this baseplate for the next 48