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SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit and a kit from supplier B were used for reverse transcription of a specific target from total RNA under fast conditions. The results illustrate that the SensiFAST cDNA Synthesis Kit (red) is more sensitive than the kit from supplier B (blue), as judged by the lower Ct values.

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This process is called reverse transcription (RT) or first strand cDNA synthesis.
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During first-strand SMARTer cDNA synthesis known universal primer sequences are incorporated at both ends of the cDNA. Following first-strand synthesis, SMARTer cDNA is immediately available for PCR amplification.

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One of the greatest advantages of SMART technology is its increased efficiency compared to traditional technologies such as adaptor ligation. Its high efficiency and sensitivity enables you to use a very limited quantity of starting material, such as microdissected tissues, laser-captured cells, biopsy samples, etc. As little as 1-2 ng of total RNA is sufficient for generating a highly representative cDNA pool for different downstream applications.

The purpose of converting mRNA to cDNA is mainly for the analysis of the template mRNA because DNA is much stable than RNA.
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The RNA sequences of the Let-7 isoforms are shown. Base changes are bold and underlined. Synthetic miRNAs of each Let-7 isoform were used in cDNA synthesis reactions performed with the miScript II RT Kit using miScript HiSpec Buffer. An aliquot of each cDNA was used as template in real-time PCR reactions with a miScript Primer Assay for each isoform and the miScript SYBR Green PCR Kit. The % relative detection was calculated using the differences between the CT values achieved from the mismatching miScript Primer Assays and those from the perfectly matching miScript Primer Assays (% relative detection = 2-ΔCT x 100). This data demonstrates the ability of the miScript PCR System to efficiently discriminate between closely related isoform family members.

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while in most cases, cDNA, abbreviate of complementary DNA, is definited as a single-strand DNA molecule with a nucleotide sequence that is complementary to an RNA molecule, and is synthesised in the lab from mRNA by reverse transcription...

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In some experiments such as microarray, double-stranded cDNA is required and can be produced by another round of DNA synthesis following the first strand synthesis.

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Total RNA was purified from HeLa S3 cells using the miRNeasy Mini Kit. cDNA was prepared from 500 ng of total in a miScript II reverse transcription reaction using HiSpec Buffer. For Company X, cDNA was prepared from 500 ng according to the user manual. Each cDNA was then used as a template in real-time PCR reactions using either the Human miRNome miScript miRNA PCR Array (miScript) or Company X miRNome PCR Array. This data demonstrates the background-eliminating chemistry of the miScript II RT Kit using HiSpec Buffer.