is a code for part of a protein.

The tRNA picks up specific from the cytoplasm and brings them into position on the surface of a ribosome where they can be joined together in specific order to make a specific protein.

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       RNA and protein synthesis

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This begins with DNA in the nucleus and ends with the final protein in the cytoplasm.
To do this we need to be able to read the genetic code just as tRNA can.

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The entire protein would actually require a much longer sequence of DNA bases.
Whenever a protein needs to be made, the correct DNA sequence for that protein is copied to a molecule called (mRNA).

DNA → RNA → Protein
mRNA carries the code for building a specific protein from the nucleus to the ribosomes in the . That is, it acts as a messenger.

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Then identify the protein.

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1. Original Source: Larry Flammer, idea developed in 1963 and used in Biology classes ever since, as the finale to a series of Do-It-Yourself DNA Kits (1. DNA Structure & Sub Structure, 2. DNA Replication, and 3. Protein Synthesis, all involving manipulation of cutouts, and resulting in the spelling out of a little 3-letter word (meaningful amino acid sequence).

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1. Along with your unit test on the DNA unit, include the "practical" test supplement, requiring students to decipher a short DNA message during a test. Provide the (including tRNA Dictinary), the special answer sheet, and a unique word for each student (on little slips of paper, which you can prepare from the sample sentences provided, or use the 33 3-letter provided (along with a for you to use in grading the test.).. Insist that each step be shown and the molecules involved be labeled (DNA, mRNA, tRNA, "protein" (as the "meaningful amino acid sequence"). Include completeness and accuracy in showing these steps and labels in your grading.