Simonds Drawing Video:Summary of Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis starts at the N-terminal amino acid and proceeds to the C-terminal residue (Dintzis, 1961).

Simonds Drawing Video:Summary of Protein Synthesis



Because bacteria lack nuclei, transcription and translation are coupled.

In a eukaryotic cell, almost all transcription occurs in the nucleus and translation occurs mainly at ribosomes in the cytoplasm.

In addition, before the primary transcript can leave the nucleus it is modified in various ways during RNA processing before the finished mRNA is exported to the cytoplasm.

DNA -> RNA -> protein.

Should be of various sizes because proteins are of different sizes.

Includes presentation covering theory of 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 along with accompanying handout.
Also has a key word list for Topic 4 with answers.
Also attached a polypeptide storyboard with gaps to fill in as well as a handout of key steps.
Contains a modelling activity for protein synthesis as detailed below.

Kinaesthetic style activity to model protein synthesis - teacher notes explain all of the steps.
Need some straws, paperclips, and then some A3 laminated ribosomes, a few treasury tags (for peptide bonds), a few laminated tRNA molecules (with amino acids sticky back velcroed on) and mini post it notes in 5 different colours.

Once set up once very reusable (apart from needing to buy post it notes) - has been used by 5 different teachers for the past couple of years now and still going strong!

DNA replication I normally carry out when I do DNA replication as when you've set up the resource you may as well use it again!

Initiation of protein synthesis; formation of the initiation complex.

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These have a disastrous effect on the resulting protein more often than substitutions do.

Unless these mutations occur in multiples of three, they cause a frameshift mutation.

All the nucleotides downstream of the deletion or insertion will be improperly grouped into codons.

Mutations can occur during DNA replication, DNA repair, or DNA recombination.

These are called .

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Protein synthesis is the creation of via and then on a , involving , , , and . It occurs in both and cells although there are certain differences like splicing occurs in different places and of course there isn't a in so no movement between membranes is involved to get the mRNA strand out of the cell.

Termination of protein synthesis and release of the completed protein.

Protein biosynthesis Wikipedia Dyskeratosis congenita

Transcription is the copying of in the nucleus into pre-mRNA. For a to be synthesised into a protein it needs certain pathways within cells to occur which causes binding of transcription factors to the on DNA. There are 3 parts to transcription, chain initiation, chain elongation and chain termination the chain initiation and termination are detailed below due to it being different in different types of organism.

Have a short half time because the proteins that are synthesized must be changed over time.

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This attachment of aphosphate group to the carrier molecule causes a conformational changein (or achange in the shape of ) the protein so that a channel opens between theinside and outside of the cell membrane.

Should be associated with the ribosomes, the site of protein synthesis.

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Messenger RNA (mRNA), the blueprint for protein synthesis, is written in the language of ribonucleotides (A, G, C, U) and is read in blocks of three nucleotides that mean a particular amino acid or termination.