The following factors must be present for DNA and transcription:

The is the location of the translation of proteins, the Ribosome has 3 tRNA binding sites the which holds the tRNA with the polypeptide strand, the A site which binds to the tRNA molecule with the next amino acid to be hydrolysed and the E site which holds the tRNA molecule to be discharged. The mRNA strand is attached to the tRNA strand by and also attached to the .

Gene Expressionand Protein Synthesis

The main stages of protein synthesis are transcription and translation.

DNA is transcribed into RNA, which istranslated into protein.

Now that you have spent some time on the two main processes of Protein Synthesis, Transcription and Translation, test your learning below to practice for the upcoming quiz.

Translation = De-coding RNA into protein (note: color coded!)

Replication occurs in the S-fase in preparation to cell division during which the genetic information for the synthesis of proteins is transfered from the mothercell to the daughtercell.

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After translation, the protein passes into the channels of the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER) for transportation. The protein is then passed from the rough ER to the Golgi apparatus inside tiny fluid-filled sacs, called vesicles. The Golgi apparatus is a system of , which are responsible for the modification, processing, and packaging of the proteins. The protein may have a carbohydrate added, to form a glycoprotein. The Golgi apparatus packages the protein in a secretory vesicle, which fuses with the cell membrane and releases the protein from the cell.

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Translation is the assembling of protein molecules from information encoded in mRNA. It occurs at the ribosome. All three types of RNA participate in translation. When you think of "translation" think of languages - all three types of RNA help to "translate" from the base pair language in the mRNA into the amino acid language that makes up a protein.

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The above is a grossly oversimplified sketch of the translation process as it applies in a . See Karp for a more detailed treatment. The essentials that this illustration seeks to convey are that the ribosome uses the detailed sequence of codons on the and matches those codons to molecules which carry the corresponding amino acids. The translation process builds a polypeptide with the precise sequence of amino acids specified by the mRNA pattern. In , the translation process has many similarities but is of even greater complexity.

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Transcription is the first step in protein synthesis. It is the process of forming a short strand of mRNA from one gene on a long DNA strand.

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When you think of transcription, think of the word "script" and associate it with letters. In this stage we are changing the script of one gene from DNA letters into RNA letters. Take a look at the diagram below showing Transcription. Study it and then read the steps below to understand it better.