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Hairline Illusions™, LLC manufactures, distributes and markets one-of-a-kind realistic hair-scalp, facial prosthetics to patients affected by disease or trauma conditions. The prosthetics is designed for people who are seeking a high level of realism offering nano-silver bases to help prevent odor and bacteria since 2011. First in the USA! Measurements are taken and molds are created to mimic the original as close as possible. Skin color – pigmentation and nails are also matched creating a realistic prosthesis.

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At the of Solana Beach, A divison of Uptown New York Style Hair Salon, Louticia perfects each prosthetic hair system to meet the client’s own individual needs.

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Chemotherapy Patients should wear our “Cranial Prosthesis - CHEMO WIG”

CRANIAL PROSTHESIS “CHEMO WIG” for total hair loss and growing hair.
Invisible System.

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When a child is accepted into the program, the manufacturing process begins. A molding kit and instructional DVD are sent to demonstrate how to make a plaster cast mold of the child's head. From this mold, a plastic fitting cap is made. The child is able to choose the color and length of the hair they would like as well as the skin tone color of the silicone base. Each prosthesis requires between 6 and 10 ponytails and each strand of hair is injected by hand into the silicone base up to 150,000 times. The prostheses are provided with hairs of all one length so each child may style it to compliment their facial features. Children ages 6 to 21 can reapply for a new prosthesis every 18 months.

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The prostheses provided are designed to be worn by children suffering from long term or permanent hair loss. The vacuum fit can only function when there is total hair loss and no re-growth occurring. Children with long term or permanent hair loss who have not experienced total hair loss may shave any existing hair so they can begin the molding process. The entire process of receiving a hairpiece takes between four and six months.

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A cranial hair prosthesis made by Louticia Grier is a custom prosthetic hair system designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments.

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In cases where children are experiencing short term hair loss, usually due to chemotherapy treatments, they require a more immediate answer to their needs. These recipients would receive a synthetic hairpiece in lieu of a prosthesis. These synthetic hairpieces are made especially for children and can be provided quickly and worn during re-growth. The production time of a prosthesis is prohibitive in meeting these immediate needs, and also cannot be worn effectively once hair begins to re-grow.

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Children under six receive synthetic hairpieces. Because of the growth rate under the age of six, a child may outgrow a prosthesis fashioned for them before its completion. Like the prostheses we provide a synthetic hairpiece of the highest quality.