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Go for a professional fitting, and wear a snug-fitting blouse when you do. Breast prostheses aren't sized like bras, so you can't count on getting a form that fits by referencing your bra size. A professional prosthesis fitter can help you find a model that's the right shape and size, as well as one that is a proper weight and match for your lifestyle.

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With the proper fit, nobody will know you're wearing an external prosthesis. The story of a breast prosthesis coming loose at church can bring a touch of humor to a room full of breast cancer survivors but is actually uncommon.

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Fortunately, a 2017 study found that the weight of external breast prosthesis does not appear to significantly impact trunk biomechanics during normal movements, so you can rest assured that your spine isn't being overworked by the load of a silicone prosthesis.

At Nicola Jane we offer a variety of breast protheses from lightweight foam forms types of prostheses, weight alternative to a silicone prosthesis.

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Here's a short list, approved by the American Cancer Society, of some websites that supply breast forms, nipples, bras, camisoles, swimwear, and more.

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Mastectomy bras accommodate breast forms and breasts. They have pockets for prostheses and come in nice styles and colors. These are the same size as regular bras. If you're having trouble fastening the hooks, you can get a front-closing style. Some have wide straps and comfortable sides to prevent rubbing as you heal.

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There are special camisoles that have pockets to hold your prosthesis and drainage bulbs. These are great options for while you are recovering from breast surgery. These offer comfort, security (no dangling drain bulbs) and modesty. A pocket camisole will help you feel attractive as well as comfortable as you heal.

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More and more women are receiving breast reconstruction following surgery and this may take some time. When making this extremely personal choice, women need to cover their bases and learn as much as possible before surgery, including what products are available specific to reconstruction. To Life! offers an array of products for women who have made this decision. From post-surgical camisoles and front closure bras with drain pouches to adjustable breast enhancers that will keep you symmetrical during the reconstruction process. We strive to make this part of your journey as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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We offer a complete line of silicone breast prostheses, swim forms, and leisure forms. Our new clients are always amazed at how perfectly a breast prosthesis can match their natural side and at the simplicity of the process. New product offerings include breast prosthesis for those who have breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy). The industry standards have changed; bras and forms are better.

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While an external breast prosthesis isn't necessary, studies suggest that they have a positive effect on women both physically and psychologically after a mastectomy from breast cancer. There are many options available with a wide price range. Every woman is different, and only you will know that best option for you personally.