added in 20ul RT reaction using Superscript VILO cDNA synthesis kit

Chapter 2 Materials and Methods - FTP - Sanger Institute Superscript II cDNA synthesis kit Solutions used in this thesis are listed below, alphabetically within each .

examples of cDNA synthesis and cloning;

not before starting cDNA synthesis.

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Using Invitrogen's Superscript III First strand synthesis Supermix and followed by Accuprime Supermix PFX for cDNA amplification.

I've been trying to get my RT-PCR to work but I keep on having very very little to no bands when I run the cDNA product on an agarose gel. My starting RNA is harvested from mouse liver using the Qiagen kit and I used oligo dts. Not even the + control HeLa included in the superscript kit is giving me a strong band. I started using Extaq from Takara with no success so I switched to Accuprime Supermix but still no good. I checked the cDNA primers with a mouse liver panel as a positive control and they came out great. What am i doing wrong?

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I have seen many gel photos of first-strand cDNA synthesis (including my own), but the results seem to range from heavy smears without visible rRNA bands, to faint smears with bright rRNA bands.

Several posts in these forums have already touched upon this question (for example

Download Iscript cdna synthesis kit life science research biorad and read Problems With Bio Rad Iscript Cdna Synthesis Kit