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To fulfill the increasing demand for our DNA synthesis services while maintaining our rapid turnaround for our standard products, we are providing very long oligonucleotides (including PAGE purification option; see ) through our partnership with IDT. All oligonucleotides are discounted from IDT’s list price and receive free shipping to our core facility.

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Augmented Protocol: If your template has known secondary structure or a high GC content, £0.50 will be applied per reaction to facilitate the sequencing reaction using an 'Augmented Protocol' Please note that prices are exclusive of VAT, which customers outside The University of Dundee will be charged at the appropriate rate (currently 20%) on all products and that all sales are subject to MRC PPU DNA Sequencing and Services' .We perform the cycle sequencing reactions on the day the samples are supplied to us, followed by evaluation of productions on our sequencers. Results are routinely supplied to customers within 24 hours upon receipt of primer and template.

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This primer provides an understanding of the mechanics and objectives of monetary policy using a benchmark new neoclassical synthesis (NNS) macromodel. The NNS model incorporates classical features such as a real business cycle (RBC) core, and Keynesian features such as monopolistically competitive firms and costly price adjustment. Price stability maximizes welfare in the benchmark NNS model because it keeps output at its potential defined as the outcome of an imperfectly competitive RBC model with a constant markup of price over marginal cost.

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These results explain, in part, the. Price elasticity of demand for electricity a primer and synthesis

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