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Over time, wear and tear just from the physical process of motion across a bearing surface can cause tiny bits of debris to flake off the implant. The body may react to these particles with an inflammatory response that can cause pain, implant loosening, and implant failure. So far, significant inflammatory reactions have not been reported for spinal artificial disc replacements. In rare cases, the artificial disc replacement can dislocate.

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With a lumbar artificial disc, if a revision is necessary, it must be approached from the anterior of the spine, and in every case is life threatening.

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(ADR) is relatively new. In June 2004, the first ADR for the (low back) was approved by the FDA for use in the US. Replacing a damaged disc in the (neck) is a bit trickier. The disc is part of a complex joint in the spine. Making a replacement disc that works and that will last is not an easy task. There are now several Cervical artificial disc replacement devices that have been approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

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Some things can go wrong with any implant. In the case of artificial disc replacements for the cervical spine, sometimes the spine fuses itself, a process called . Loss of neck motion is the main side effect of this problem.

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What emerged from some of the European and American off label experiences is that the usefulness of the cervical artificial disc will be greater for multiple level applications. Most degenerative cervical pathologiesencompass more than one level and therefore the implications of decreased functional movement with a multilevel fusionare more significant. The spine surgeon faced with a single level disk herniation causing single level nerve compressionwill have to carefully weigh the pros and cons of including an adjacent segment in cervical total disc replacement as opposed to subjecting the patient to a repeat operation when the adjacent segment inevitably wears out.

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Artificial disc replacement offers an alternative to cervical fusion for some patients who have chronic neck pain from degenerative disc disease. While fusion stops pain by eliminating movement in the problem spinal segment, ADR allows natural motion in the part of the spine where the disc is implanted. This is because the prosthesis is designed to imitate normal movement between adjacent vertebrae.

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Artificial Discs - Why Are They Important?
We have all heard of hip and knee replacement surgeries. These procedures have provided much relief for people who suffer from pain in those areas. But what about spinal disc replacement? Is this the option millions of back pain sufferers have been looking for?