Pregnancy in patients with prosthetic heart valves (Starr-Edwards).

However, treatment failures have been reported, and the use of LMWH for pregnant women with mechanical heart valves has become controversial due to small numbers of patients and a lack of accurate postmarketing data ( 16 ).

Pregnancy after mitral-valve prosthesis.

Pregnancy and prosthetic heart valves.

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Pregnancy and Mitral Valve Prosthesis | Pregnancy - …

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Successful mitral valve replacement in a young pregnant patient Keywords: Pregnancy; Mitral Valve Prosthesis; Thrombosis 1.

Facebook; Pinterest.Pregnancy and childbearing in a population with biologic valvular prostheses.

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1, March 2001 Sucessful Thrombolysis of Mitral Valve Prosthesis by Streptokinase during Pregnancy Hatem Abbadi.
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Patient Management with Metallic Valve Prosthesis …

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Proximal limb disarticulation for amputation is preferred if a prosthesis is not pregnant cows that have had an amputation done are culled.
A woman with mechanical heart valve prosthesis Low molecular weight heparin treatment in pregnant women with a mechanical heart valve prosthesis.
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MATERIALS AND METHODS Between 1997 and 2005, 31 pregnancies were analyzed retrospectively in 25 women with mechanical heart valves.

Pregnancy after valve replacement with porcine xenograft prosthesis

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Prosthetic mitral valve thrombosis occurred in three pregnancies, two in the LMWH group and one in the CMD group ( Table 3 ).

Pregnancy in patients with valvular prosthesis

Author: Belachew Tessema, MD; surgical closure or placement of a septal prosthesis are available options.
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However, treatment failures have been reported ( 11 , 12 ), and no LMWH has been licensed for use in pregnant patients with mechanical heart valves.

Pregnancy and mitral valve prosthesis

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Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Risks of Anticoagulant Therapy in Pregnant The various types of valve prosthesis.
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