Geometry-Driven Photorealistic Facial Expression Synthesis

Unlike previous textto-facial animation approaches, the system described here produces synthesized speech and facial animations entirely from scratch, starting with semantic representations of the message to be conveyed, which are based in turn on a discourse model and a small database of facts about the modeled world.

Automatic Face Modeling and Synthesis Based on …

We directly apply the extracted phoneme information to our synthetic 3D face model.
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Automatic Face Modeling and Synthesis Based on Image Pairs:

The face model, which may be simulated and rendered at interactive rates on a graphics workstation, incorporates a physics-based synthetic facial tissue and a set of anatomically motivated facial muscle actuators.

Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria ..

This paper reports results from a program that produces high quality animation of facial expressions and head movements as automatically as possible in conjunction with meaning-based speech synthesis, including spoken intonation.

The technique estimates muscle actuator controls with sufficient accuracy to permit the face model to resynthesize transient expressions.
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The Synthesis of Predictive Models in Marketing Research

Keywords—Avatar, computer graphics, face animation, MPEG-4, sample-based graphics, speech synthesizer, text-tospeech (TTS), video-based rendering, visual text-to-speech (VTTS).

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