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Description :Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry is the first comprehensive text covering all of the main aspects of the chemistry of organic and inorganic polyvalent iodine compounds, including applications in chemical ...

Organic Compounds of Polyvalent Iodine–Derivatives …

and Synthetic Applications of Polyvalent Iodine Compounds by Viktor V ..

Organic Compounds of Polyvalent Iodine–Derivatives of ..

Besides general synthetic paths to neutral (R F HalX 2 , (R F ) 2 IX, (R F ) 3 I, and R F HalX 4 ), cationic ((R F (R′)Hal)Y and (R F (R′)HalF 2 )Y), and anionic (M(R F HalX 3 ) and M((R F ) 2 HalX 2 )) derivatives of iodine and bromine, transformations at the halogen centre of those polyvalent compounds and selected applications and their use as reagents are referred.

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Tricoordinate, I(III), and pentacoordinate, I(V), polyvalent iodine compounds have been known for over a century. In the last twenty years, new polyvalent iodine reagents have been introduced along with synthetic methodologies, based on these and derived reagents, that play an ever increasing role in contemporary organic chemistry. In this Perspective, an overview of these developments is provided with emphasis on the chemistry and uses of aryl-, alkenyl-, and alkynyliodonium salts in preparative and synthetic organic chemistry. It is hoped that this brief overview, along with recent more comprehensive reviews of the field, will stimulate further developments and applications of this useful class of compounds across a broad spectrum of organic chemistry.

Organic polyvalent iodine compounds.
Polyvalent Iodine Compounds in Organic Synthesis. A. Varvoglis, Synthesis, 1984, 709. Key Words: REAGENTS/HALOGENATION OXIDATION ARYLATION/I A. …

most recently, polyvalent iodine and alkynyl ester chemistry

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