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The analysis and synthesis filter bank consist each of two DFT polyphase filter banks, one without delay and one delayed by M=2 samples where M represents the number of channels ...

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This paper proposes a method to realize MDFT filter banks using FRM with much lesser complexity.

Multirate Filter Banks | Spectral Audio Signal Processing

In this paper, following the same philosophy, we develop a packet format for multicarrier systems that operate based on filter banks, filter bank multicarrier (FBMC) systems.

Filter banks, part 1: Principles and design techniques

Moreover, advancements in the design of perfect reconstruction filter banks have led to a number developments in the design of prototype digital filters and polyphase structures for efficient implementations of the filter bank multicarrier (FBMC) systems.

To further reduce the complexity, the filter banks are made totally multiplier-less.

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The Optimization criterion is applied to frequency sampling technique and results are compared based on ISI, ICI performance of TMUX.

Key words: Transmultiplexer (TMUX), FBMC/OQAM, maximally decimated filter banks, non-maximally decimated filter banks, modified DFT filter banks, complex modulated filter banks, partial TMUX.

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A general formulation of modulated filter banks

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Metaheuristic algorithms are used to improve the performance of the CSD represented filter banks.

New Polyphase Filter Bank-Based Analysis/Synthesis Systems

This paper proposes two second-order-cone-programming based algorithms for designing NPR and practically PR cosine-modulated filter banks with improved performance relative to several established design methods.

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denotes ith polyphase component of the jth synthesis filter Gj(z)

Prior to the discovery of the celebrated orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), multicarrier techniques that use analog filter banks we ..."

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Nonlinear filtering using polyphase filter banks

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