Synthesis of Keggin-type polyoxometalate crystals

Mg-Al hydrotalcites with different Mg/Al ratios and their polyoxometalate intercalates were synthesized by direct ion-exchange reactions. The porous structures of the pillared products were studied by adsorbing various molecules with different, kinetic diameter on them. The results show that the porous structures of the pillared products can be adjusted either by changing the layer charge densities or by changing the pillar densities, i. e. the pore diameter will increase with the increament of the Mg atoms in the layers and the polyoxometalate charges in the gallery.

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Highlights • A new polyoxometalate based ionic crystal (IC-Fe) was synthesized and characterized

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CHAPTER IV: Synthesis and Proton Conductivity Measurement of Polyoxometalate (POM) Based CompositesProton conductivity in solid state has caught much attention due to its potential application in fuel cells, batteries and chemical sensors.

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CHAPTER III: Synthesis and Morphological Study of Polyoxometalate (POM) Based Hybrid MaterialsResearchers attempted to introduce POMs inside the metal organic frameworks (MOFs) to introduce not only functionality inside the structure but also enhance the thermal stability of the network.

Synthesis and Characterization of Large Surface Hexagonal Polyoxometalate Platelets
The synthesis of polyoxometalate-based metal-organic frameworks under ionothermal conditions

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Guo Jun,Jiao Qing-Ze,Lv Hui-Juan,Jiang Da-Zhen,Yang Guang-Hui,Min En-Ze. Synthesis and Adsorption Properties of some Polyoxometalate Pillared Hydrotalcites. , 1996, 12(06): 573-576.

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CHAPTER II: Room Temperature Synthesis of Polyoxometalate Based Hybrid SaltsThe construction of the isolable POM-based compounds and finally their potential evolving property of the material created by the POM clusters have increasingly became apparent.

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