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Another hypothesis is the polarization mechanism, ..

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Polarization mechanism hypothesis ..

Consider the pine cone or the chicken egg (or DNA proteins ) for example. Along the linesof the windmill analogy, clearly they arrange themselves into the perfect windmill-likeconfiguration to catch the charge in the wind of gravity (the vacuum). That perfect windmillto catch the voltage, the energy - is clearly pine cone (fractal) shaped. Elsewherewe discuss ways to measure the millivolts called LIFE FORCE which pine conesand eggs clearly extract from the vacuum: ,

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The powerfor the aurora, heating of the atmosphere, and electron concentration in the ionosphere arewithout explanation according to present hypotheses.

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That argument depends on the hypothesis that the octave of wavelengths that are visiblecan be converted in perfect linearity from zero to 180 degree phase angle, or tilt, of thephoton (thought to be a torus). Amazingly, this results in a simple platonic seriesof angles which emerge ‘magically’ exactly at the wavelength/frequencies of theprimary colors. (below) For example, green is a color defined by a photon which has rotatedexactly at a cubic 90 degrees. We hypothesize that this angle produces exactly awave interference ‘shadow’ which is opposite to phase conjugate, and why everyliving plant (photosynthesis ) spits out / does not eat the green photon (graphic atlink).

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This paper is suggesting the significant evidence for the hypothesis that this symmetry(golden ratio to planck) is the wave mechanics (cause and mechanism ) of

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The third type of case strongly supports the hypothesis that the bacilli occurring just below the surface are the etiological agents. It can be illustrated by the case of a child who died on the third day of the disease. The pseudomembrane in the trachea, which undoubtedly was the last such element to be formed, was a thick membrane containing masses of the characteristic bacillus alone. Another child who also died on the third day of the disease with dyspnea and symptoms of lung inflammation had not only a pseudomembrane in the trachea but also masses of rods in the alveoli as well….

I have my own hypothesis, of course, but am eager to hear what others think.

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