That's whywe call it PHOTOsynthesis.

The acidity was found to arise from the opening of their stomata at night to take in CO2 and fix it into malic acid for storage in the large vacuoles of their photosynthetic cells. It could drop the pH to 4 with a malic acid concentration up to 0.3M . Then in the heat of the day, the stomata close tightly to conserve water and the malic acid is decarboxylated to release the CO2 for fixing by the Calvin cycle. PEP is used for the initial short-term carbon fixation as in the , but the entire chain of reactions occurs in the same cell rather than handing off to a separate cell as with the C4 plants. In the CAM strategy, the processes are separated temporally, the initial CO2 fixation at night, and the malic acid to Calvin cycle part taking place during the day.

we need water for photosynthesis).

These are the things that plants make by photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis takes place in all plants that contain chlorophyll.

The chemical equation of photosynthesis is: [IMAGE]6CO2 + 6H20 C6 H12 O6 + 6O2 it has been proven many times that plants need light to be able to photosynthesize , so you can say that without light the plant would neither photosynthesize or survive....

Photosynthesis is the method that plants use to make their own food.

There are four things that are required by the plant before it can carry out photosynthesis, they are light, chlorophyll, carbon dioxide and water ....

plants need which of the following to carry on photosynthesis

Good question! I bet you know that it is plantsthat can carry out photosynthesis, so we have tothink about at least two things in order to answeryour question. First, what is photosynthesis andwhat do plants use it for? And second, why thenwould animals need photosynthesis? Phrased anotherway, why do animals depend on photosyntheticplants?

Plants need which of the following to carry on photosynthesis?

It is evident from these absorption and output plots that only the red and blue ends of the part of the are used by plants in photosynthesis. The reflection and transmission of the middle of the spectrum gives the leaves their green visual color.

Carry out photosynthesis in the green parts of plants which ..

So, in other words, plantscan capture light from the sun and turn it intosugar, which is used for energy. And energy iswhat the plant needs to grow and reproduce. Nophotosynthesis, no plants. That takes care of partone.

do green plants need for photosynthesis

Immediatelyafter exposure to 14CO2, the plant's photosynthetic tissue iskilled by immersing it in boiling alcohol, and all of the biochemical reactions cease.

Why do plants need photosynthesis

Photosynthesis results in an increase in ; i.e. there is more carbohydrate in the plant. They can turn some of the glucose into fat or protein. They have to make lots of different chemicals to grow, but the two most important ones are fats and proteins. To do this they need energy (growth requires energy from glucose). Plants also have to make a very special chemical called DNA: this is the hereditary chemical of all animals and plants. They must also make lots of new chlorophyll.

While photosynthesis is performed by most plants which can ..

This process is also affected by the temperature surrounding the plant (the species of plant we experimented with, pond weed, photosynthesised best at around 20 degrees centigrade.) Light, temperature & CO2 are known as limiting factors, and each is as important as the next in photosynthes...