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Emphasis of the thesis is on high-resolution pipeline ADCs with IF-sampling capability. The resolution is extended beyond the limits set by device matching by using calibration, while time interleaving is applied to widen the signal bandwidth. A review of calibration and error averaging techniques is presented. A simple digital self-calibration technique to compensate capacitor mismatch within a single-channel pipeline ADC, and the gain and offset mismatch between the channels of a time-interleaved ADC, is developed. The new calibration method is validated with two high-resolution BiCMOS prototypes, a 13-bit 50-MS/s single-channel and a 14-bit 160-MS/s parallel pipeline ADC, both utilizing a highly linear front-end allowing sampling from 200-MHz IF-band.

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At the architectural level, the optimization of the ADCs in the single-chip direct conversion receivers is discussed: the need for small area, low power, suppression of substrate noise, input and output interfaces, etc. Adaptation of the resolution and sample rate of a pipeline ADC, to be used in more flexible multi-mode receivers, is also an important topic included. A 6-bit 15.36-MS/s embedded CMOS pipeline ADC and an 8-bit 1/15.36-MS/s dual-mode CMOS pipeline ADC, optimized for low-power single-chip direct conversion receivers with single-channel reception, have been designed.

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At the circuit level, novel topologies for all the essential blocks of the pipeline ADC have been developed. These include a dual-mode operational amplifier, low-power voltage reference circuits with buffering, and a floating-bulk bootstrapped switch for highly-linear IF-sampling. The emphasis has been on dynamic comparators: a new mismatch insensitive topology is proposed and measurement results for three different topologies are presented.

Electrical Block diagram of an N-stage pipelined ADC.

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Pipeline Adc Phd Thesis There are few things more complicated in analytics (all analytics, big data and huge data! ) than multi channel attribution modeling. Have fought valiant battles.

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A cmos Mixed-Mode Sample-and-Hold Circuit for Pipelined ADCs This paper describes the design of a high-speed cmos sample and- hold (S/H) circuit for pipelined analog-to-digital converters ( ADCs ).

MS Thesis: Design of Low Power Pipelined SAR ADC with Gain-error Calibration (2017)

this generalized approach forms the basis of a pipeline ADC ..

The radio receiver architectures, showing the greatest potential to meet the commercial trends, include the direct conversion receiver and the super heterodyne receiver with an ADC sampling at the intermediate frequency (IF). The pipelined ADC architecture, based on the switched capacitor (SC) technique, has most successfully covered the widely separated resolution and sample rate requirements of these receiver architectures. In this thesis, the requirements of ADCs in both of these receiver architectures are studied using the system specifications of the 3G WCDMA standard. From the standard and from the limited performance of the circuit building blocks, design constraints forpipeline ADCs, at the architectural and circuit level, are drawn.

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Pipeline adc phd thesis : Online Writing Service

The goal of this research task is to understand speed/noise/linearity tradeoffs of various existing amplifier topologies suitable for GHz rate high-resolution pipeline ADCs, innovate and design low power amplifiers (used as the sample-and-hold amplifier or residue amplifier) suitable for a multi-GS/s pipeline ADC with SNDR >60dB using advanced CMOS technology (e.g. 40nm).

Pipeline adc phd thesis

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This thesis will concentrate on pipeline architecture ADCs, which have become the architecture of Analysis and Design of High-Speed ADCs In this research, we introduce a low-power high-speed pipelined ADC ysis of comparator metastability effects in pipelined ADCs and develop a method believed that resistor-ladder.