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The limited imaging area of commercially available chlorophyll fluorescence imagers restricts these instruments to imaging, at most, one or two seedlings at a time. In fact, some imagers only capture fluorescence from a few leaves at a time. Because photosynthesis can vary from plant to plant and even from leaf to leaf, many images would have to be acquired to get a picture of overall crop growth.

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In addition to helping farmers check crop health, the new system will be helpful for studying how plants respond to changes in growing conditions and for high-throughput phenotyping, an automated method used in crop research and development to analyze how genetic modifications affect plant characteristics such as leaf size or drought resistance in a large number of plants. The technique could also be modified for microscopy, allowing imaging of photosynthesis inside the plant cells.

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A. General information about photosynthesis [REQUIRED READING]
1. Green plants, algae (seaweeds), bacteria
2. Importance - required for the existence of other life forms (food chain) and source of atmospheric oxygen
B. Definition - synthesis of organic compounds from water and carbon dioxide using energy absorbed by pigments from sunlight

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Scientists claim reverse photosynthesis ..

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