The Cell, Respiration and Photosynthesis

Go to this link and click on "Lab 4: Plant Pigments and Photosynthesis." Use the materials provided at the front demo table to complete the lab activity as instructed here. Refer to the Webquest sheet to record your results.

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During the day, the light reactions occur to provide energy for the Calvin Cycle which uses the CO2 in the acid made at night to make sugar
Extremely bright conditions can trigger a process called photorespiration
During this process, RuBP carboxylase reduces the CO2 concentration to the point that it incorporates O2 instead during the Calvin Cycle
This process is why C-4 plants have a specialized structure and different photosynthesis pathway
they sustain themselves without eating anything derived from other living beings
producers of the biosphere
capture energy through photosynthesis or chemiosmosis
use energy through cellular respiration
live on compounds produced by other organisms
consumers of biosphere

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ATP is used to recycle the PEP and be sent back to the mesophyll cells
CAM photosynthesis
carried out by plants in the desert when during the day they keep their stomates closed so water doesn't evaporate

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Use the diagram of photosynthesis within this PowerPoint presentation in order to fill in the missing information on Figure 1 on your Webquest sheet. If you have difficulty connecting to this link, the URL in the Google search page.

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If you have difficulty opening this site, from the Pearson Prentice Hall home page click on "Science," the "Biology Place," "Biocoach," and then "Photosynthesis." Scroll through until you see the diagram of the chloroplast.

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In respiration energy is released fromsugars when electrons associated with hydrogen are transported to oxygen (theelectron acceptor), and water is formed as a byproduct. The mitochondriause the energy released in this oxidation in order to synthesize ATP. Inphotosynthesis, the electron flow is reversed, the water is split (not formed),and the electrons are transferred from the water to CO2 and in theprocess the energy is used to reduce the CO2 into sugar. Inrespiration the energy yield is 686 kcal per mole of glucose oxidized to CO2,while photosynthesis requires 686 kcal of energy to boost the electrons from thewater to their high-energy perches in the reduced sugar -- light provides thisenergy.

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Immediatelyafter exposure to 14CO2, the plant's photosynthetic tissue iskilled by immersing it in boiling alcohol, and all of the biochemical reactions cease.

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The President is expecting a "full" report on why photosynthesis is not producing adequate amounts of glucose and why cell respiration cannot provide enough ATP. Remember, that at this point, you are not coming up with conclusive evidence on THE problem. You are only hypothesizing on possible causes for the lack of energy production based on your limited investigation. Another team will take your information and investigate the problem further. Write in paragraph form, what you suggest the team should focus their research on in order to solve the mystery. Include an area of concern within photosynthesis as well as within cell respiration.