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On photochemical principles based the analogous photography. More recently, the photochemically active are gaining in importance for various applications (organic light, solar cells, etc.).

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Photochemical Reactions as Key Steps in Organic Synthesis

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Photochemical reactions are generally easily carried out, at least in laboratory scale, and require no expensive apparatus. Some general reactions, e.g. the cycloaddition of enones to alkenes and various oxygenations have been extensively investigated and represent an excellent choice for preparative applications. Many other possibilities are known—and a few are presented below. This suggests that photochemical steps should be considered more often in synthetic planning.

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In nature, there are a number of light excited photochemical reactions such as , or photo degradation etc. Special herbal substances react only by exposure to light and thus develop their phototoxic potential.

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Green chemistry has become a central issue in present-day chemistry. Photochemical reactions appear to have a great potential because in-depth chemical transformations are obtained in the absence of chemical activators, and thus no waste is produced. However, the actual “green” character of purported environmental-friendly reactions must be checked by an appropriate metrics at least when artificial lamps are used, in order to evaluate the energy consumption. Most photochemical processes are reported at a very low scale in the literature, and often at a low concentration. The scaling up issue is briefly discussed. On the other hand, another green function of photochemistry is degradative photocatalysis for the degradation of pollutants, one of the most efficient advanced oxidation methods available.

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...ions by using a robust and reusable solid sensitizer such as titanium dioxide, a procedure that can be easily scaled up and can be adapted to the use of solar light (see the last example in Scheme 4) =-=[21]-=-. FURTHER SYNTHETICALLY USEFUL PHOTOCHEMICAL REACTIONS The peculiar versatility of photochemical reactions forming covalent bonds is expected to be usefully applied in special fields of organic synthe...

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and application of these reactions to organic synthesis.

EPA was founded in 1970 with the aim of developing an organisation which would promote and encourage the development and growth of photochemistry on the European continent and facilitate contact between photochemists in universities, research centres and industry across international boundaries. University of Basel, Switzerland

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... is to provide scientists with an easily accessible searchable on-line collection of recent literature in photochemistry and photobiology including related fields, such as organic and bioorganic optical spectroscopy, radiation chemistry, and radiation biology

Photochemical Reactions in Organic Synthesis

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Photochemical reactions are common and are used not only in special chemical syntheses that run under the effect of light differently than, for example, the indexed by heat.