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Diamond, A. (April 7, 2008). Invited to be member of the ‘distinguished panel’ at a public dialogue on “A New Vision of Learning: Balancing Educating the Mind with Educating the Heart,” Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.

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Diamond, A. (Jan. 9, 2009). Prefrontal cortex: Expanding the boundaries of our knowledge and using what we know to prevent disorders and help children. Keynote Address. John P. Zubek Memorial Lecture, Dept. of Psychology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg.

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Diamond, A. (May 15, 2008). Genetic and environmental influences on the expression of cognitive abilities dependent on prefrontal cortex. Invited lecture, Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Lethbridge, AB.

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Diamond, A. (July 19-24, 2009). Prefrontal cortex executive functions: Genetic and environmental influences and clinical implications. A week-long invited course at the Center for Cognitive Science, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria.
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Diamond, A. (Nov. 5, 2009). Interrelations between creativity and executive functions: Lessons from Psychology and Neuroscience for cultivating giftedness in young people. Invited talk in a speaker series at Evergreen, hosted by the Evergreen School and the UW Psychology Dept., University of Washington, Seattle.
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Diamond, A. (Dec. 5, 2009). What executive functions are, why they're important, and ways to improve them in young children. Invited talk, Conference on Cultivating Human Capital, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

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Diamond, A. (May 16, 2014). Interrelations between motor and cognitive development: Development of executive functions. Keynote Address, 'Interrelations between Sensory, Motor, and Cognitive Abilities During Typical and Atypical Development Conference', Groningen University, Netherlands. Continuing Education credit provided.

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Diamond, A. (Jan. 17, 2017). Principles and strategies for aiding the development of executive functions. Invited talk, Psychology Dept. Colloquium, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

She gained her PhD in sociology at the University of Queensland in 2014.

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Diamond, A. (March 31, 2008). Genetic and environmental influences on the expression of cognitive abilities dependent on prefrontal cortex. Invited talk. Neuroscience colloquium, University of Western Ontario, London, ON.