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The Power of Social Networking Sites in the context of Online Recruitment A thesis submitted.
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The M.S. and Ph.D. programs are a professional research degree designed to prepare students for advanced professional careers, including college teaching and research, as well as research and development in industrial, government, and nonprofit organizations. Specialized training is available through close interaction with faculty mentors in their active research fields. For highly motivated undergraduate students a fast-track five year program of study leading to the BS plus MS degrees in Computer Science is available. Teaching assistantships with the EECS Department and research assistantships with faculty are available to fund graduate study especially at the PhD level.

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With foundations in undergraduate courses covering algorithms, compilers, software engineering, web technologies, database, networking, operating systems, programming languages, aritifical intelligence and computational complexity, the graduate programs are integrated over many application areas and multidisciplinary fields such as:

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(same as ; cross-leveled with , ). Introduction to the concepts, models and algorithms for the development of intelligent systems from the standpoint of the computational paradigms of neural networks, fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation and swarm optimization.

Credit Hours: 3

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(cross-leveled with ). This course covers principles that integrate computing theories and information technologies with the design, programming and application of distributed systems. The course topics will familiarize students with distributed system models and enabling technologies; virtual machines and virtualization of clusters, networks and data centers; cloud platform architecture with security over virtualized data centers; service- oriented architectures for distributed computing; and cloud programming and software environments. Additionally, students will learn how to conduct some parallel and distributed programming and performance evaluation experiments on applications within available cloud platforms. Finally we will survey research literature and latest technology trends that are shaping the future of high performance, distributed and cloud computing.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: C- or higher in or instructor's consent

New and current technical developments in computer science. For PhD students.Credit Hour: 1-4

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(cross-leveled with ). Introduction to the translation of programming languages by means of interpreters and compilers. Lexical analysis, syntax specification, parsing, error-recovery, syntax-directed translation, semantic analysis, symbol tables for block structured languages, and run-time storage organization. May not be counted toward Computer Science MS/PHD.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: C- or higher in , and

Please consult our thesis topics page for .Figure: completed for quality of my thesis computer networking study of chester hayden.

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(same as ). The course will consider computing systems based on neural networks and learning models along with implementations and applications of such systems.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: or or instructor's consent

and Ph.D.) students interested in computer networks related topics for their directed research (DR), M.S.

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(cross-leveled with ). Introduces basic numerical methods widely used by computer scientists/engineers. Students will use the MATLAB platform to computationally solve problems, such as finding roots of nonlinear equations, solving systems of equations, fitting curves, solving ODEs, finding eigenvalues, etc. Graded on A-F basis only.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisites: or instructor's consent