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In addition, PhD theses at universities that allow its length to risefrom a minimum length of about 50 000 to 60 000 words (Phillips & Pugh1987), say, through a reasonable length of about 70 000 to 80 000 words,up to the upper limit 100 000 words specified by some established universitieslike the University of Queensland and Flinders University, may have extrachapters added to contain the extended reviews of bodies of knowledge inthose huge theses.

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How to write an abstract of a thesis is described in appendix VI.

In other words, the candidate shouldalways justify any decisions where his or her judgement was required (suchas the number and type of industries surveyed and the number of pointson a likert scale), acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of the optionsconsidered and always relying upon as many references as possible to supportthe decision made.

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Although first person words such as `I' and `my' are now acceptable ina PhD thesis (especially in chapter 3 of a thesis within the interpretiveparadigm), their use should be controlled - the candidate is a mere privatein an army pursuing truth and so should not overrate his or her importanceuntil the PhD has been finally awarded.

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The text should be double-spacedon plain, white A4 paper. Both sides of the paper may be used - you can choose whether to print the thesis single-sided or double-sided. Margins at the binding edge should be 4cm. The other margins (i.e. top, bottom and unbound side) should be 2.5cm. Remember, if you include a table or figure that uses alandscape page setup then the margins need to be adjusted accordingly, i.e. 4cmbecomes the top margin.

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Other writers have provided general procedures for themany parts of the PhD research process (for example, Davis & Parker1979; Phillips & Pugh 1987; Perry 1990), but these notes concentrateon the PhD thesis itself and do so more comprehensively and with far moreexamples than other writers (for example, Clark 1986; Pratt 1984; Witcher1990).

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An unfair – but occasionally accurate – cliché of practice-led doctorates is that students take three and a half years to make a film, installation or soundscape and spend three and a half weeks writing the exegesis. Doctoral candidates seem unaware that examiners often read exegeses first and engage with the artefacts after assessing if candidates have read enough in the field.

Another PhD style rule is that the word `etc' is too impreciseto be used in a thesis.

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Hope washes over the start of a PhD candidature, but desperation and fear often mark its conclusion. There are (at least) ten simple indicators that prompt examiners to recommend re-examination, major corrections or – with some dismay – failure. If postgraduates utilise these guidelines, they will be able to make choices and realise the consequences of their decisions.

Firstly, the five chapter structure isintroduced, possible changes to it are justified and writing style is considered.

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Once your thesis is completed it will effectively become a public document, available on the internet via the UCL's e-thesis repository (UCL Discovery). Therefore it is essential when presenting your work that your participants' right to confidentiality and privacy be upheld. In particular, students writing up small-N and qualitative studies should be especially careful to ensure that no participants are identifiable from the thesis.