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The aim of this Thesis was to study sea bass sex differentiation at different levels: at endocrine level, analysing the influence of different steroids and agonists and antagonists compounds of the ovarian and testicular differentiation pathways; at expression level of some genes that are required for the necessities of the gonads to differentiate towards ovaries or testes; and also through mechanisms of epigenetic regulation, such as methylation, that may be responsible for the complex process of developing a bipotential tissue, like the undifferentiated gonad, into a ovary or testis.

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Online and Offline Approximations for Population Based Multi-Objective Optimization, PhD thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, USA, 2007 (abstract).

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Soil moisture variations affect the evolution of weather and climate over continental regions, and accurate observations of the Earth’s changing soil moisture are needed to achieve sustainable land and water management, and to enhance weather and climate forecasting skill, flood prediction and drought monitoring.

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PhD thesis and dissertation; ..

Multi-Criteria Assessment of Ecological Process Models using Pareto Optimization, PhD thesis, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, 1997.

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Striking the Balance: Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Design for Multiple Conflicting Objectives, PhD Thesis, Graduate College of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, 2002 (abstract) .

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With this purpose in mind, we developed mesocosms experiments in tanks of 200 L in which we enclosed coastal planktonic communities from the NW Mediterranean Sea.

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This is because here the turbidite systems are influenced at different water depths by Atlantic and Mediterranean water masses and their interfaces, with current flows that change acrossand downslope.

Issues in the Design and Implementation of Web-Based Language Courses.

The Role of Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom.

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Integrating Language and Content Learning Objectives: The Bilkent University Adjunct Model.

Plankton is at the base of the marine trophic web.

However, the impact changes in water quality would have on the recreational appeal of the beach is estimated to be low and further research is recommended to determine beach users’ sensitivity to beach closures (bacteria limit exceeded) and turbidity.

Phytoplankton species are then organized thanks to presenting similar optical characteristics.

However, there are still a lot of issues that need to be solved.

Application des Algorithmes Evolutionnaires aux problèmes d'optimisation multi-critère avec contraintes, PhD thesis, Université Paris 6, Paris, France, 2004 (In French) .