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It demonstrates that while many citizens of this country believe television and radio news to be an objective form of reporting the news, in actuality it does nothing more than create a reality for the viewer and listener.

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Even though, liveness is not a focused concept in Scannell’s analysis of radio and television in his book, he still explores how the experience of contemporary culture has changed in the modern world....

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Paddy Scannell states a similar point in his book Radio, Television and Modern Life (1996): ‘The liveness of broadcast coverage is the key to its impact, since it offers the real sense of access to an event in its moment-by-moment unfolding’ (Ibid, 84).

Similarly, GMA Radio Television Arts Network reaches the entire country through its 30 stations nationwide.
This television station was later bought by the Chronicle Broadcasting Network which started operating radio stations in 1956.

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Because of these, the broadcast news system, comprising of television and radio, has endured an interesting and tumultuous past, and most importantly faces a fascinating future in terms their unique funding model....

PDF; Measuring Visual Performance with Holographic and Other 3D Television Technologies, (PhD thesis.

This thesis contends that television and radio news, ..

On February 12, 1970 the commission proposed an increase to the content levels, requiring television stations to broadcast at least 60 percent Canadian content (an increase from the previous minimum of 50 percent), and “30 percent for AM radio” (Edwardson, 200)....

Thesis | Radio-Television-Film The Department of Radio-Television-Film in the Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin.

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The act, part of an attempt by the Trudeau administration to centralize Canadian cultural activity, replaced the Board of Broadcast Governors with the Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC).