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We know for a fact that these activities in a companies are:
Employers of UCI find difficulties on tracking and monitoring their employees' time and attendance through Bundy Clock as well as preparing payroll through manual calculations.
In fact, it is considered as an essential tool in many fields including education, industry, sciences, businesses, school, home, government, and organizations.
that's why ..
Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics
President/Chief Executive Officer of the UCI
Unicasting Company Inc.
Objectives of the Study
General Objective:
to design, develop and deploy the Attendance Monitoring and Payroll System using Biometrics of Unicasting Company Inc.
Specifically, it sought to achieve the following objectives:



Does a LAN-Based Timekeeping and Payroll system using Biometrics …

Biometrics attendance system used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details.


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There will be also a need for the proponents to test their hardware device as part of the development of the system which is the Biometric Fingerprint device.
An evaluation form (Appendix A) will be distributed to the respondents to test the proposed system.
System Testing
Performance of the system will be tested base on its objectives and the functionalities according to the given requirements.

The best-known use of biometrics for identification is in fingerprinting; other examples include iris scanning and face recognition systems.

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Our range of products and services is supplied to avariety of associations, institutions, establishments , organizations and products resellers across the country.

Biometric System is a leading developer and suppliers of innovative advanced facial & fingerprint and rfid solutions used in access control and time & attendance applications.

Because the traits measured by biometrics are unique to each individual, security is far greater than is possible with other systems.

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The proposal system takes attendance during lecture periods automatically using student biometric based attendance system confirm Attendance System:.
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