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The silicone is relatively rigid and heavy but very solid.The PROCOSIL silicon foot is moulded onto the person, the color is customised (the color is compared to the opposite foot).The silicone is flexible.
We have in both cases the shape of the toes.The aesthetic result is indisputable, but this kind of prosthesis requires good stability of the distal stump and a good muscle strength.

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and Prostheses for Partial Foot Amputation and Diabetic Foot Infection

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Presentation Summary : Upper Limb Orthosis. Post Operative Care. Upper Limb Prosthesis. Partial Foot or Symes. Transtibial Prosthesis. Transfemoral Prosthesis. Technical Skills & Safety .

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This technique is simple and reliable.These high prostheses have the characteristic of increasing the arm leverage for better stability when walking and a better follow through of the step.Can be of several kinds:The Otto Bock silicone foot is one with the person, the color is dyed throughout.

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the hardiest protection for the foot in a prosthesis.

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