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Note 4: Pay close attention to the (first parenthesis). In particular find the two tests: ".day -eq '25' ", also ".Month -eq '12' ". My first point is they are separated by -And. My second point is there is only one set of (condition brackets).

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The punctuation and symbols, ampersand, British pound, square brackets, curly braces.

Parentheses and brackets are very common in mathematical formulas

Once your flow control works with one -And, it's straightforward (if a little clumsy) to append more -And conditions. Avoid 'overthink', you only need one set of (parenthesis brackets).

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Note 3: While arrays are not covered here, please note that the parentheses style of bracket would be used to declare an array. For example, @() always return arrays.

On the first use of an abbreviation or acronym that might not be understood by your readers, the full term can be provided in parentheses.

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With the formalization of the command line options, the processing order isnow exactly predictable, and it has also become possible to add parenthesis(or brackets) to the image processing. This has been a desired feature by IMusers for a long time, and allows you to do things never before possible in asingle command.

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At first sight, one type of bracket seems much like another, but as you gain experience with a variety of PowerShell constructions, you begin to tune-in to the differences. Eventually, you reach a level of expertise where it seems that the very type of PowerShell bracket is trying to tell you something of significance. The bottom line is that if we employ the wrong type of bracket, instead of executing our commands, PowerShell presents us with an error message.

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Wildcards in square bracket can produce unexpected results. It's just a matter of trial and error and also you need to adjust to PowerShell's logic; [s-t] means beginning with 's', or beginning 't'. '[SVC]' means beginning with 'S' or 'V' or 'C' and not beginning with specifically 'SVC....'.

Remember that with 'If' the (parenthesis are for the condition), whereas {braces are for the block command}.

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When it comes to filtering output, one of the oldest and best statements is the 'If' clause. As usual, the secret of understanding the syntax is to pay close attention to the style bracket. If (parenthesis for the test) and {braces for the action}. Once you have mastered the basic 'If' statement, then extend your capabilities by introducing '-And'.

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Guy thinks that the word which best sums up PowerShell's square bracket is: optional. Anytime you want to tag on an optional command or parameter, select the [square] bracket.

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With the stronger emphasis by IM on image sequences, especially withinparenthesis, it is no surprise that a set of new image operators have beenprovided to manipulate the image lists. The arguments to these operators are numbers indexing the image list,starting with zero ('') for the first image, and one('') for the second image, and so on. However if you give anegative index, the images are referenced from the end (last image added) ofthe image list. That is a index of '' is the last image inthe current image list (generally the last image read or created),'' for the second last and so on.
The "" listoperator is the simplest of the image list operators, it just deletesimages from the current image list.