In the case of interdisciplinary research, the Ph.

The thesis, which must be presented in accordance with University of London regulations, is read by at least two examiners appointed by Queen Mary University of London, who also examine the candidate orally. A PhD thesis must form a distinct contribution to the knowledge of the subject and afford evidence of originality, shown either by the discovery of new facts or by the exercise of independent critical power. The length of a PhD thesis is a maximum of 100,000-words. College regulations require that each student is normally allocated two supervisors and you may expect to see your primary supervisor every two weeks or so during term-time in the initial stages of your research.

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You can however take a collection of papers and turn it into the core of a PhD.

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The Department has the legitimate claim and pride of being the premier institution in India for course curriculum development, teaching and researches in Commerce discipline.

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19.2. The evaluation of the candidate's performance in the viva- voce examination. The Board shall then forward the minutes of the viva-voce examination with the signatures of the external examiner and the supervisor mentioning the performance of the candidate in the viva-voce with regard to the answers provided for the questions posed and the answers provided by the candidate and classifying the thesis as "Highly commended / commended" to the Controller of Examinations, along with the list of participants with their addresses and signatures. For placing the thesis under the "Highly Commended" category, it should have been so recommended by all the examiners.

News UGC makes PhD thesis in English mandatory.

The researcher during the period of research should have published at-least 2 research articles either single or as a team in state or national or international journals.

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CCLS offers an excellent academic environment teaming with outstanding scholars, academic supervisors as well as a robust postgraduate professional development programme. There is a constant flow of international experts in a wide field of research competences, many occasions to share your research with other postgraduate students and the wider academy, and ongoing opportunities to learn new skills including academic publishing and teaching.

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18.2 The public Viva-voce examination shall be normally conducted in the place where the Research Scholar has carried out his / her Ph.D. research by a two member board viz., guide and external examiner. A change in place could be considered if necessary with the approval of the Vice- Chancellor.

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A pass in the Viva-voce is compulsory. If a scholar fails in the examination, he/she shall be allowed to re-appear before a panel constituted for this purpose by the Vice Chancellor once again after 3 months from the date of the first Viva-voce. If he/she fails again, his/her thesis for the award of the Ph.D. degree will be rejected.

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CCLS provides the perfect enabling environment for research. It also ensures students receive pastoral care in respect of preparation for the job market.

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18.3 In the case of Research scholars under categories of full- time & part-time, one of the members of the Board for conducting Public Viva-voce shall be the supervisor who will also be the Convener of the Board. The other member shall be chosen by the Vice Chancellor from a panel of names of three examiners proposed by the Research Supervisor.