Diffusion and Osmosis Laboratory Investigations.

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Hypothesis: -

Osmosis is the net diffusion of water molecules from a region of high
water potential to a region of low water potential through a partially
permeable membrane.

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2. Given the formula for the initial rate of osmosis, write the formula for the final rate of osmosis below: You will calculate the final rates of osmosis for bags 1, 2 and 3 as part of your lab report, due next lab session.
Why did some of the dialysis bags gain weight while other bags lost weight? What produced the difference in the rate of weight change among the 3 bags? Do you think there will be a difference in the initial and final rates of osmosis for any of the bags? Why or why not? What molecule was moving across the dialysis membrane to produce the weight changes observed in the dialysis bags? Experiment 3: Dialysis
The ability of a molecule to diffuse through a semipermeable membrane depends on its size and shape. The process of dialysis takes advantage of a molecule’s ability to diffuse across a semipermeable membrane in order to separate large and small molecules. In this experiment you will compare the ability of glucose and starch molecules to cross dialysis tubing, a semipermeable membrane. The dialysis tubing we are using allows the passage of molecules smaller than 14000 daltons. While you are doing this experiment keep in mind that glucose is a monomer (a single sugar molecule) and starch is a polymer made up of several sugar molecules linked together.

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Osmosis is the net diffusion of water molecules from a region of high
water potential to a region of low water potential through a partially
permeable membrane.