Today the artwork and track listing for Conquer have been unveiled.

The stunning artwork, mirroring the perfect uniqueness that is within all of us, through frailty, sensitivity, disorder, uncertainty a.o., was created by Jor Art & Graphic Designer

The tracklist of the album is as follows:

Track Listing: The Aftermath; Algorithm;

Origin - Antithesis album Track listing: No
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Origin - Origin album Track listing: No

An excellent 4 minute tracker, which makes Mike Patton almost seem normal, but which also brings the natural Loch Vostok trademark sound into the listener's ear.

(Origin Album): Reception, Track Listing, Personnel, Production.

With only 2 months left until the release of 7th album , the Swedish Melodeath/Avantgarde act have revealed the cover artwork for the album, as well as the complete tracklist.

The band has issued some insight into the album, releasing a dramatic trailer, as well as the album art, track listing, and more.
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Antithesis (Origin album) - Revolvy

Running over nine minutes in length, the wide spectrum of textures and stylistic approaches captured on UNTIL RAIN's exploratory new album are explosively displayed on the extensive new track.

It was released through Relapse Records , on April 1, 2008

This album is a sincere and natural evolution for us, headed in a much more prog direction, in the essential meaning of the word."

Inure Track Listing:
Progressus In Idem
New World Fiction
Because Something Might Happen
This Fear
A Tearful Farewell
This Solitude
Butterfly Invasion
A Broken Wing
Debate (bonus track)

UNTIL RAIN has booked two European tours tied directly into the release of Inure.

Jerome Don Gvanni Hamm - Blue Water Dreams. Album Track Listing

The cover artwork, track listing, and more have been issued, with audio samples, preorders, and more to be made available in the weeks ahead, with touring plans coming together for later in the year.

INTROMENTAL WORLDWIDE - Uniting the Powers of …

For those that weren’t aware, ORIGIN recorded as a trio without a proper vocalist, so we are very excited to have Jason in to do what a proper vocalist is supposed to do.” track listing:1.

Making the Grade (Separation): The Bermondsey Diveunder

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