50. An organelle associated with carbohydrate synthesis is the:

This is because in order to make it out of the endoplasmic reticulum, the CFTR must engage a protein complex known as coat complex II (COPII). COPII is responsible for recognizing when the synthesis of CFTR is finished and then grabbing it, packaging it in transport vesicle, and sending it on its way—eventually leading to CFTR's transport to the outside of the cell.

There are four organelles that are involved in protein synthesis

Which cell organelles are mostly closely associated with protein synthesis?

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1958 Radioactive proteins are followed after their synthesis as they progress towards their secretory fate; this allows the definition of not only trafficking pathways but of the organelles that lie along that pathway.

Organelles involved in protein synthesis

This attachment of aphosphate group to the carrier molecule causes a conformational changein (or achange in the shape of ) the protein so that a channel opens between theinside and outside of the cell membrane.

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An organelle associated with carbohydrate synthesis is the: a

What organelle is associated with protein synthesis