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My results also appear to agree with the information on the
theories of photosynthesis, found in most biology texts; though I did
not have enough evidence (results) to prove the theory which says that
after a certain point the rate will cease to rise, as explained

Plants have an optimum temperature for photosynthesis, which varies.

Photosynthesis is important because animals eat food, as it is a source of energy.

Rate of Photosynthesis in Plants?

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Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis in Plants?

Hypothesis:Photosynthesis is a process by which green plants and certain other organisms use the energy of light to convert carbon dioxide and water into the simple sugar glucose....

The Plan In my experiment I am going to see how light affects the rate of photosynthesis.

The optimum temperature for the process is ..

The intensively cultivated agricultural plants average about 3% in photosynthetic efficiency, and most crops range from 1-4%. This is also typical of algae.

canadensis at the same temperature as the optimum for photosynthesis

For photosynthesis to occur, plants need: · Light energy from the sun · Chlorophyll to absorb light energy · Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and from respiration in plant cells · Water which is absorbed by the roots and transported to the leaves by the xylem tubes....

enzymes are slowly reaching their optimum temperature.

I believe this will happen because when the light source is nearer to the plant more of the plants surface area is coming in to contact with the light from the desk lamp therefore more photosynthesis will occur which will mean more oxygen will be produced which will create more bubbles....

Oxygen is one of 2 products of the green-plant process photosynthesis, the other being glucose.

Does photosynthesis have an optimal temperature at …

Variables: The variables that might affect the rate of photosynthesis in this experiment are: Temperature: When the temperature rises so does the rate of photosynthesis; this is because as the temperature around the plant rises the enzymes controlling photosynthesis inside the chloroplasts heat up and start moving around faster, the fast moving molecules collide with other fast moving enzymes causing them to react....

Lack of chlorophyll/chloroplasts in the plant cells reduce the plant's capacity to photosynthesise.

All enzymes have an ?optimum temperature ..

Diagram f

On considering my experiment, in hindsight, perhaps I would have
gained an even higher rate of photosynthesis if I had made the
temperature of the water slightly lower.

Stressed or damaged plants may turn pale yellow or develop spots from a fungus, bacteria or virus.

optimum temperature for photosynthesis in elodea plants

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