Optimal Synthesis Methods for MEMS

The undergraduate Electrical Engineering curriculum is built around a basic core of humanities, mathematics, and natural and engineering science courses. It is arranged to provide the fundamentals of synthesis and design that will enable graduates to begin careers in industry or to go on to graduate study. UCI Electrical Engineering students take courses in network analysis, electronics, electronic system design, signal processing, control systems, electromagnetics, and computer engineering. They learn to design circuits and systems to meet specific needs and to use modern computers in problem analysis and solution.

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A harmonic signal generator with adjustable frequency, phase and harmonic proportion is designed in this paper.

Key words: ARM 7, (DDS) Direct Digital Synthesizer (AWG) Arbitrary Waveform Generator, function generator

[1] Amauri A Assef1 Joaquim M Maia1, Fábio K Schneide (2013) A reconfigurable arbitrary waveform generator using PWM modulation for ultrasound research
[2] Mr.

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Graduate-level control system design methods for multi-input multi-output systems. Linear optimal-based methods in robust control, nonlinear model reference adaptive control. These design methods are currently used in most industry control system design problems. These methods are designed, analyzed and simulated using MATLAB. Linear control theory (review), robustness theory (Mu Analysis), optimal control and the robust servomechanism, H-infinity optimal control, robust output feedback controls, Kalman filter theory and design, linear quadratic gaussian with loop transfer recovery, the Loop Transfer Recovery method of Lavretsky, Mu synthesis, Lyapunov theory (review), LaSalle extensions, Barbalat's Lemma, model reference adaptive control, artificial neural networks, online parameter estimation, convergence and persistence of excitation. Prerequisite: ESE 543 or ESE 551 or equivalent.

Optimal Synthesis Methods For Mems Microsystems
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