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To extract DNA, the nucleus must come out of the cell. Salts and the dishwashing liquid in the meat tenderizer solution degrade the onion’s cell membranes, the nuclear membrane and the proteins that would otherwise remain linked to the DNA. What happens to the soap during the extraction of DNA from the onion?
Answer: The cell membrane is composed of proteins and lipids. In the presence of soap, the lipids and proteins are become imprisoned in the soap bubbles and the cell membrane is broken.

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Draw a few cells of the stained onion skin as seen under both low and high power.

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However, when the distilled water is replced by the 25% solution a majority of the cells become plasmolyzed.Onion Cell Story:When salt is introduced to the surrounding environment, the NaCl molecules are too big to pass through the cell wall.


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Brie Farley, Erin Myers, Diana DiMuroMicrospheres
2m beads moved ~30 microns
4m beads moved ~13-15.6 microns
8m beads couldn't be seen movingOnion Skin
distilled water saturated had mostly turgid cells
3% NaCl(q) saturated had some turgid cells and some plasmolyzed cells
25% NaCl(q) saturated had mostly plasmolyzed cellsThe vacuoles of the cell filled with water when saturated with distilled water.

Follow wet mount instructions from your teacher. MAKE A WET MOUNT OF YOUR CELERY CELLS AND ONION CELLS. Draw what you see under high power.

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25% salt water was next added to the membrane and plasmolysis of the onion cells were observed.Relating observations 1 and 2 we can say that the molecules moved from inside the onion cell to the outside area because the outside area had a higher concentration.

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Experiment 1:
8 micrometer microspheres moved 3.95 micrometers in 5 minutes
4 micrometer microspheres moved 10.4 micrometers in 5 minutes
2 micrometer microspheres moved 143 micrometers in 5 minutesOur findings support the thesis that says that water molecules are continuously moving, and the smaller the object was the more it moved.Experiment 2:3% salt solution made almost all of the cells turgid but a few of them were partially plasmolyzed.
0% salt solution made the cells even more turgid, and filled out the ones that were plasmolyzed earlier.
25% salt solution made the cells very plasmolyzed.When there is salt in the environment outside of the cell, it takes water away from the inside of the cell, making the cell plasmolyzed.

If we examine a pre-prepared slide of onion root tip cells using a microscope then we can identify the different stages of a cell cycle.

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As for sharp knife the sharp edge slices through the onion cells, this breaks less cells and release less of the irritating chemicals as the surface area that slices through the onion is smaller.
In conclusion, out of all the methods we used, there is not a single method that can stop us from crying when cutting onions.

Water caused the onion cell membranes to move; when the water was replaced by the salt, there was a moving in of the membrane, not a swelling out.

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Genistein, another type of polyphenol compound found in soy, also prevented the spread of cells and inhibited the growth of the primary tumor in mice while resveratrol, found in wine and grapes, caused apoptosis in laboratory-grown cells, according to the report.

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This relates to the hypothesis we supported in our last experiment (that water molecules are always moving whether we can see them or not) because the water was moving from the inside of the cell to outside of the cell, or vice versa.Maggie Scott-Weathers and Emily Senerth Will and Diana
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2um -> 23.4um/min, 54.6um/2min
..avg.-> 32.9um with conversion
4um -> 1.3 um/2min
.......1.3 um/2min
..avg.-> 1.7 um/2min
8um -> .85 um/2min
..avg.-> .28 um/2minOnion Cell Observations:In 3% solution the onion cells are pretty much turgid, and there is not much change from the cell appearance when the 3% solution is changed to distilled water, which has a 0% salt content.