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Throughout these years, the company has tremendously expanded, not only within the Greek borders, but also across the whole world (exports in the USA, Australia, China, Germany, Canada are specific examples).

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In  this coming week, we’ll be working together on generating a good thesis for a first paper.

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The earning season is getting underway and FXJ is a bellwether for the media landscape. It is no secret that the newspaper industry has been undergoing structural changes as advertising dollar shift from print to online. John Oliver made a great piece on the philosophical basis that a strong journalism industry is a key tenor of […]

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Employing examples from Michael Hirst’s The Tudors and Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, fidelity will be seen with new depth and clarity, and hopefully, f-words can be seen in a new, more positive light....

This paper will allow me to explore the definition of burn and where it originated.

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4. You have a well thought out paper. Your points are clear within the body of the paper but your thesis statement is misleading. When I read your thesis statement I expected to see the moral, social and political aspects of society discussed. However, I instead read your points about the similarities in the novels such as abuse, evil surroundings and the need for escape. Your thesis statement should include these points instead of the moral, social and political aspects, which are not discussed. Similarities in the novels Great Expectations and Oliver Twist include their abuse, the evil surroundings and their need for escape. This is a simple but descriptive example of the type of thesis statement needed to clarify your paper.

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I did not find much on the Internet about typewriter keyboards with math and science symbols. I assume they are relatively uncommon. describes a much more complex tandem scientific typewriter consisting of two typewriters with one carriage. One of the typewriters has normal characters. The other has science and math notation. The price was $1,290 in 1959. Having different keyboard characters or symbols is not limited to math and science. For example, different keyboards are used in many different languages. See . Some typewriters also have a couple or few keys you could change. For example, I remember my sister's Sears Medalist Power 12, similar to the one below under Smith Corona, had a couple of inserts you put over selected typefaces to change the typeface. There were also corresponding caps to put over the keys.

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While computers are a powerful tool for writers, that tool can also lead to poor, sloppy, careless writing. I see this sometimes in students' writing. While teachers have always stressed, "don't copy and use your own words," computers make it easy to copy. For example, a common way for students to do a research paper is to copy and paste from the Internet (often without reading) and then just change words. There is little understanding and little original thought or synthesis. Computers can also encourage sloppy, careless writing. This is often observed in e-mail where one jots down ideas often without reflection. We become impatient using short hand words instead of standard English. For example, when I became a teacher I was surprised to learn that many students think "cause" is a substitute for "because."

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the etymology of the word euthanasia derives from Greek, which means “The action of inducing a gentle and easy death.” With this definition in mind I will determine the pros and cons of assisted suicide and euthanasia by using Neil M....