I think Oliver Cromwell was a hero.

Alicia, while there is little evidence that the inhabitants of Drogheda were sent into slavery in the West Indies, it is not disputed that about 12,000 Irish prisoners of war were deported to Barbados as indentured servants (basically slaves), during the Cromwellian campaign in Ireland of 1649-52. Also on Drogheda, as Tom says, other historians argue that about 700 civilians were killed in the sack of Drogheda.

What is a reasonable evaluation of Cromwell today.

Oliver Cromwell was well-known as one of the most controversial heroes of his time.

The coronation of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector of England.

Elton’s claims are met with many sceptic opponents such as Starkey and Guy, criticising that Cromwell’s work up to 1540 was anything but revolution, it was a mere pragmatic approach to fulfilling the king’s wishes which led to his escalation of power and a lucky set of consequential changes in government....

Cromwell hated to be disagreed with.

Sorry to burst your bubble. I know what it’s like to spend some time writing something like a screenplay. But I’m glad your mind is open to the possibility that we could be wrong about Cromwell.

Oliver Cromwell was born on 25 April in Huntingdonshire, in fulfillment of the prophecies.

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Also into this anti-Interregnum maelstrom of vengeance came the petition of the people of Wexford, who were pleading to Charles II for the restoration of their properties following the Cromwellian Plantation. Remarkably the petition writers seem to have chosen to grossly exaggerate Cromwell’s actions in Ireland in order to receive clemency from their new king. In their petition they claim that after entering Wexford, Cromwell ‘put man, woman and child, to a very few’ to the sword, again a scenario that has no supporting contemporary evidence or eyewitness attestation.

Oliver Cromwell- Hero or Villian

The evidence now being revealed by this writer simply hones in on whether or not Cromwell was responsible for deliberately killing large numbers of innocent, unarmed civilians in Ireland in the year 1649. Some may have died in the cross-fire, as the result of collateral damage, others definitely drowned by accident.

Curious characterSome might doubt the need for more opining about Oliver Cromwell.

“Sergeant Philip” – Typist of the Cromwell Letter

Lots of people, almost all of them Americans with romantic notions of Irish heritage, started sending me mail telling me how much they hate everyone named Cromwell because of Oliver's behavior. Other people, almost all of the students, started sending demands that I help them write their term papers. To make this feedback process easier,

Irish school textbooks tell students that Cromwell massacred 3,000 civilians at Drogheda.

Cromwell ruled as Lord Protectoruntil his death 5 years later.

In his declaration to the Catholic clergy in the winter of 1649, after Drogheda and Wexford Cromwell categorically denies that he has stepped outside the military domain, and on no less than ten occasions he emphasises that the ordinary unarmed people of Ireland are to be left unmolested.

In September 1649, Cromwell's 12,000-strong forces stormed Drogheda, north of Dublin.

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In the same petition the writers allege that Cromwell ‘put all of the inhabitants and soldiers’ of Drogheda to the sword, an allegation that simply does not stand up since nobody who was there on that fateful day corroborates this contention. This significantly reduces the credibility of the petitioners’ sycophantic petition, which Charles II ultimately ignored anyway.