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They also introduced fresh theoretical arguments, suggesting, forexample, that the family was not necessarily patriarchal but could be asite of resistance.

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Hypotheses of this kind are difficultto test without care- fully controlled sampling procedures.

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In the 19th century; for example,it was the railways and the telegraph which opened up the interior of theUSA and which led to the development of much larger manufacturing and distributingenterprises able to take advantage of economics of scale and scope.

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It therefore presupposes that the costs of maintaining that rate of consumptionare fully met, for example, that flocks are renewed, that roads are maintained,as also are the numbers of people and levels of their health and education.

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Indeed, according to Kant such knowledge (for example, the 'pure intuitions'of time and space) is the precondition of the possibility of our havingany knowledge of experience at all.

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For example, behind the attempt to restrict the definition ofculture to the representational aspects of the social heritage lies thehypothesis that norms, emotional reactions, motivations, etc.


Equally, the genealogical method developed by Foucault can besubjected to various criticisms derived from alternative readings of Nietzsche(a good example is offered by Peter Dews, in Krell and Wood 1988).

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It is not that the importance of the socialheritage is being questioned within the social sciences; rather , it isthat splitting the social heritage into various ontological categoriesdoes not seem to carve nature at the For example, for a culture to workas a heritage - something which can be learned and passed along - it mustinclude all kinds of physical objects and events, such as it the physicalsounds of words and the physical presence of artifacts - otherwise onecould not learn the language or learn now to make and use artifacts.

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Horkheimer and Adorno do not, for example, obviously assume thathuman subjects are passive victims of the culture industry, and nor isthe culture industry an instrument of class rule.

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For example, (i) Nietzsche's thinking (in spite of his current associationwith postmodern anti-Enlightenment thought) without doubt owes a significantdebt to the Enlightenment tradition, especially his books of the late 1870sand early 1880s ( (1878), for instance, wasdedicated to the memory of Voltaire when it was first published, and adoptsa methodological skepticism which shows the influence of Enlightenmentthought); and (ii) Horkheimer and Adorno’s work (c.f.

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The norm of generalized exchangeand feelings of amity between kin, for example, can exist only if thereis a category system that distinguishes kin from non-kin.