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Undergraduates in the School of Nursing may pursue a degree via a traditional four-year baccalaureate program, first as a pre-nursing major and then, after three semesters and acceptance to the upper division, as a nursing major.

The offers the Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.).

Courses are restricted to students admitted to the Faculty of Nursing.

The offers the Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.).

Oncology - students who are in an Adult-Gerontological Primary Care NP, Adult-Gerontological Acute Care NP, Dual Role specialty, Clinical Nurse Specialist-Adult-Gerontological Health, Family NP, Psychiatric (Family) NP or Women's Health NP can add these 11 credits.

NURS 3901H. Honors Nursing Thesis Tutorial (Sp, Su, Fa). 1 Hour.

Prerequisites: Admission to the MTSU MSN program; NURS 6000, NURS 6002, NURS 6003, NURS 6101, NURS 6102, NURS 6103, and NURS 6104; corequisite: NURS 6606. Focuses on advanced nursing and healthcare management of children and adolescents. Includes developmental, physiological, pathological, and psychosocial changes relative to health maintenance, acute and chronic illnesses, and developmental transitions within the family context. Offered spring, summer, and fall semesters.

At the completion of the baccalaureate nursing programs, the graduate will be prepared to:

Special Studies in Nursing; NUR 482 - Synthesis-RN; ..

The Master of Science in Nursing degree at MTSU helps address a critical shortage of Family Nurse Practitioners with high-quality, affordable, and time-efficient studies. Coursework is completed online, except for clinical rotations through approved preceptors (in the student's home area when possible). Family Nurse Practitioners deliver comprehensive primary health care services to all ages and help provide health care to underserved populations. Full-time or part-time study is available. The program increases access to graduate education for practicing nurses who need time flexibility and for those in remote areas.

Reporting - paraphrase, summary & synthesis - UEfAP

NOTE: In addition to the program requirements, students must meet the university and college graduation requirements. This curriculum is subject to change to comply with national accreditation and the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Standards.

How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties? How should the…

NURS 4373 Nursing and the Aged: 3 semester hours.

Students should note that a flagrant or established pattern of disregard to Eleanor Mann School of Nursing policies can result in failure of the course and/or dismissal from the program without prior warnings (See ).

NURS 5803 Thesis Proposal Writing: 3 semester hours.

Nurses are the health care professionals most people rely on today, whether it's the nurse practitioner who treats their everyday ills at a walk-in clinic or the emergency-room or critical-care nurse who soothes fears while helping save lives. Students who care—about people, about technology, about science, about their colleagues and the community—can join the MTSU School of Nursing's competitive and robust academic programs to develop their commitment to the art and science of nursing.

Courses are restricted to students admitted to the Faculty of Nursing

Theses, Dissertations and Nursing Capstone Projects | The UniversityGraduate students who plan to write a master s thesis, doctoral dissertation or doctoral nursing capstone project need to take note of the following:Read theDEPARTMENT OF NURSING Capstone Project - Salisbury UniversityThe capstone project is the graduate student s scholarly alternative to the thesis A The relevance of the proposed project to advanced practice nursingNursing Capstone Project Ideas and Assistance | Capstone PaperCompleting your capstone project, nursing or otherwise, doesn t have to be the incredible slog that some people make it out to be Want to know why? Because