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Here, the translation context effect is clearly seen as a strategic influence of distant mRNA codons on the inclusion (or non-inclusion) of certain amino acids in the composition of a protein being synthesized.

Genetic control of protein synthesis.

The nonsense codon actually terminates the process of protein formation.

Protein Synthesis -Translation and Regulation

Number of polymorphic sites per 100 codons in Psorophora albipes proteins. Bars represent the average and standard errors of synonymous (A) and non-synonymous (B) sites per 100 codons in the indicated functional categories.

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However, our ideas on protein biosynthesis are gradually eroding: each new model is just an approach to the truth, to the understanding of the genome language-image pluralism as coding tool for the spatiotemporal structure of biosystems [32, 33].

There are many important players in protein synthesis, but two in particular have crucial jobs:

When the protein is completely synthesized, ..

That is to say, how does the reading ribosome know which protein has to be generated, if the third nucleotide in codon's triplet does not of itself provide the answer with total certainty?

into account and do not consider the rate of the protein synthesis.

The perplexing issue of mRNA codon homonymies emerged with the creation of the triplet model of amino acid coding in the process of protein biosynthesis.

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For while, see figure below, synonymy even seems to provide a kind of redundancy, homonymy constitutes a serious difficulty under the often proposed postulate that only the first two elements of the DNA codon triplet (standing for a particular protein- the picture in the mind's eye, so to speak) are the significant ones.

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This, the wave-biocomputer model asserts, only begins to explain the apparatus of protein biosynthesis of living organisms, providing an important interpretation for the initial stages within this new proposed composite hierarchic chain of material and field, sign, holographic, semiotic-semantic and, in the general case, of figurative encoding and deciphering chromosome functions.

- Research, development, production and safety of Biosynthetic Human Insulin.

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is the beginning of protein synthesis and involves assembly of the ribosome, the tRNA that recognizes the start codon, and the mRNA molecule itself, as well as other accessory proteins.

- Research, Production and Safety of Biosynthetic Human Insulin, 1993.

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The possibility that different mRNA sequences encoding identical peptides are translated dissimilarly has long been of great interest. Recent work by Yu and co-workers provides striking evidence that mRNA sequences influence the rate of protein synthesis, and lends support to the emerging idea that mRNA sequence informs protein folding.

The well-known genetic code is a code for protein synthesis and nothing further.

Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis

That’s why mRNA, acting as a “phrase”, should operate in the protein synthesis process as an integral coding system, non-locally determining the sequence of amino acids at the level of tRNA aminoacylated associates, which interact in a global and complementary way with the entire mRNA molecule.