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The Normativity of Meaning and Content

I posit that these films challenge normative understandings of gender and sexuality.

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If e has meaning, the first disposition suffices todetermine which meaning it has. But e has meaning only if thesecond disposition is in place. Moreover, if both conditions arefulfilled, having the primitively normative attitude of taking the useone is disposed to make of e amounts to understanding thate means M.

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In the normativity debate the main focus has been on meaning: Thisis true of the Kripke discussion as well as of earlier discussionsconcerning the rulishness of language. However, parallel claims havealso been made about mental content and recently the thesis thatcontent is essentially normative has come into focus (McDowell &Pettit 1986, Brandom 1994, Engel 2000, Boghossian 2003, Gibbard 2003,Millar 2004, Jarvis 2012).[]

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In a paper entitled Normativity and Epistemic Intuitions, Weinberg, Nichols and Stich (who I will hereafter refer to as WNS) have proposed a challenge for the “normative project” (WNS 2001: 2) of epistemology, a project which involves taking an analytic perspective on epistemology and thereby setting norms for how to pursue knowledge.

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Another question concerns the relation between thought (orintentional states in general) and language. On any account construingthought as dependent on language, as well as on any account construingthought and language as interdependent, and on any account according towhich mental content itself is determined by rules governing mentalexpressions, an intentional condition on rule guidance would inevitablylead guidance normativism back into vicious regress (cf. Boghossian1989a; 2008). For instance, if having an intentional state with acertain content is itself a matter of being guided by a contentdetermining rule, then another intentional state is required for havingthe first one, and so on ad infinitum. It has therefore been arguedthat according to Wittgenstein there must be a basic form of rulefollowing that is not subject to any intentional condition, but“blind” (Wright 2007). Alternatively, it has been arguedthat therefore the late Wittgenstein did not conceive of meaningful useof language as rule guided anymore (Glüer & Wikforss2010a).

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Another idea might thus be to locate meaning determining normativityin the very idea of an evolutionary explanation, in the idea of abiological function, for instance, the possession of which explains whycertain dispositions or mechanisms (for speech or mentalrepresentation) are selected for, as in normative teleosemantics.[] Yetanother possibility would be to combine computational and teleosemanticideas for rule following at the level of mental representation. Here, adistinction between personal level rule following and sub-personal rulefollowing could be used. Thus, it has been proposed to construesub-personal rule following as analogous to computational rulefollowing, and semantic rules as rules deriving from the biologicalfunctions of our cognitive apparatus (cf. Jacob 2005, 200f). Semanticrule following would then allow for truly evolutionary explanation. Ithas been argued that this would amount to a highly problematicdispositionalism, not about meaning, but about sub-personal rulefollowing itself (cf. Boghossian 2008). However, if the notion of abiological function helps solve the classical problems of meaningdispositionalism, it might solve those of dispositionalism aboutrule-following, too. Still, the basic question recurs: What it is thatdistinguishes a sub-personal regularity from a performance governed bya sub-personal rule? Since not everything with a biological functionwould seem to be rule governed even in this sense, any account alongthese lines will at least need to add further elements.[]

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We can justify the human actions by claiming normativity “what one ought to do” and I can explain by claiming descriptive ethics “what one does do”....

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As in the case of meaning, we distinguish between CE normativity,which is neutral on the question how content is determined, and CDnormativity which takes the norms to be metaphysically primary. Weshall begin by discussing CE normativity.