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We describe a case of middle-aged woman who had undergone a total knee arthroplasty with a Zimmer NexGen Legacy Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK) (Warsaw, IN). Nine years later, an atraumatic failure of the locking mechanism of the polyethylene insert and the tibial base plate occurred. There was no evidence of loosening of either tibial or femoral components. The patient underwent revision surgery with reinsertion of another tibial base plate and locking mechanism.

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You may be wondering what to do next if you recently learned your knee implant was recalled. You may not have any physical symptoms, and be unaware your knee is defective. The first question to ask is if your knee is the one involved in the recall. Have your doctor evaluate your physical condition and medical records. Document any problems you've experienced, scans may be requested as well as tests to ensure your prosthesis is working as it should be.

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The NexGen Complete Knee Solution is a modular, state-of-the-art knee replacement system designed to optimize the long-term clinical outcomes of TKA by focusing on the six essential elements of knee implant system design.

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A research presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology shows that knee replacements in young adults are growing. The culprit is an increased rate of obesity. David Ayers, M.D., the Chair and Professor of orthopedics and physical rehabilitation and Director of the Musculoskeletal Center of Excellence at UMass Medical School said in an interview with : “What was once thought of as a procedure for older people or those with sporting injuries is changing. Our study shows that younger patients are more obese and experience the same amount of pain and functional disability as older patients and in some cases even more.”

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The use of unlinked constrained knee prosthesis has demonstrated excellent long-term outcome studies with survivorship up to 96% at 10 years.6 Reported complications with the use of a constrained knee prosthesis are similar to unconstrained knee implants and include component loosening, deep infection, tibiofemoral instability, limited range of motion, extensor mechanism problems, fractures and wound problems.8,14,15 Constrained knee implants use a pin or screw to stiffen the post to withhold the increased forces across the implant. We report on late atraumatic screw disengagement in the Zimmer (Warsaw, IN) NexGen Legacy Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK) prosthesis.

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