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The negative was going to show what starch looks like when iodine comes in contact with it which made the solution turn black.
The positive would show how the reaction would play out normally which could take up to hours of waiting to see change, but with the added pH's, the reaction went faster showing the
Was the Hypothesis supported?

Our hypothesis stated that the neutral pH's would turn clear first because the extreme acidic or extreme basic would effect the enzyme negatively by denaturing it.

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The nondirectional alternative hypothesis is that students at Stateuniversity are not neutral.

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Armstrong's central state materialism involved identifying beliefsand desires with states of the brain (1968a). Smart came to agree withthis. On the other hand Place resisted the proposal to extend theidentity theory to dispositional states such as beliefs and desires. Hestressed that we do not have privileged access to our beliefs anddesires. Like Ryle he thought of beliefs and desires as to beelucidated by means of hypothetical statements about behaviour and gavethe analogy of the horsepower of a car (Place 1967). However he heldthat the dispute here is not so much about the neural basis of mentalstates as about the nature of dispositions. His views on dispositionsare argued at length in his debate with Armstrong and Martin(Armstrong, Martin and Place, T. Crane (ed.) 1996). Perhaps we can berelaxed about whether mental states such as beliefs and desires aredispositions or are topic neutrally described neurophysiological statesand return to what seems to be the more difficult issue ofconsciousness. Causal identity theories are closely related toFunctionalism, to be discussed in the next section. Smart had been waryof the notion of causality in metaphysics believing that it had noplace in theoretical physics. However even so he should have admittedit in folk psychology and also in scientific psychology and biologygenerally, in which physics and chemistry are applied to explaingeneralisations rather than strict laws. If folk psychology uses thenotion of causality, it is no matter if it is what Quine has calledsecond grade discourse, involving the very contextual notions ofmodality.

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So, the null hypothesis will be rejected in favor of thehypothesis that students are not neutral about dorm life if theobserved sample mean is greater or less than 2.15 standard errors ofthe mean away from the hypothetical population mean of 4.

In this case, only observed sample means above the hypotheticalneutral population mean supports the directional hypothesis.
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The study of radioactive disintegrations had established that alpha rays were ‘monokinetic’ – in that they always took away the same percentage (100%) of the energy available in the decay. Beta rays, by comparison, could have any of a range of energy values. Whereas the alpha energy distribution is reduced to a single value, the energy distribution (or spectrum) of beta rays can take any value between zero and the total energy available.

In 1930, this evidence was problematic for physicists working in the field. What happened to the law of conservation of energy for beta decay? The seemingly missing energy even led Niels Bohr to propose doing away with that most fundamental conservation law. A mortal sin for a physicist.

In order to save the law of conservation of energy, the Swiss physicist Wolfgang Pauli postulated the existence of an electrically-neutral, low mass (at most 1/100 the mass of the proton) particle that would be emitted along with the beta particle. This hypothetical third body could then take away whatever energy was not given to the beta particle; solving that most vexing of issues. Pauli first proposed this hypothesis in a humorous letter to his colleagues Lise Meitner and Hans Geiger.

Even for loci or sites where we reject the neutral null hypothesis, ..

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I now turn to the impact of an increase in the level of public debt, funded by higher future taxes or lower future transfers, on the long-run neutral real interest rate. (My analysis here is agnostic about how the government uses the funds generated by the initial new debt issue.) The baseline thinking about the level of public debt and the neutral real interest rate is shaped by Robert Barro’s (1974) formulation of Ricardian equivalence. The heart of Ricardian equivalence is that additional issuance of public debt leads households to demand more assets in order to save for anticipated future taxes needed to service the extra debt. The ultimate impact of an addition to public debt on the neutral real interest rate depends on how that increase is offset by the increase in households’ asset demand. Under Ricardian equivalence, the offsetting is perfect, and there is no impact on the long-run neutral real interest rate. This hypothesis underlies the basic New Keynesian model.

So the observation of a black swan turns out to be HD-neutral for the hypothesis that black ..

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John Dupré has argued that thick ethical terms are ineliminablefrom science, at least certain parts of it (Dupré 2007). Dupré's pointis essentially that scientific hypotheses and results concern usbecause they are relevant to human interests, and thus they willnecessarily be couched in a language that uses thick ethicalterms. While it will often be possible to translate ethically thickdescriptions into neutral ones, the translation cannot be made withoutlosses, and these losses obtain precisely because human interests areinvolved. According to Dupré, then, there are many scientificstatements that are value-free but they are value-free because theirtruth or falsity does not matter to us: