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Today's commodity disk drives, the basic unit of storage for computer systems large and small, are actually small computers, with a processor, memory, and 'network' connection, along with the spinning magnetic material that permanently stores the data. As more and more of the information in the world becomes digitally available, and more and more of our daily activities are recorded and stored, people are increasingly finding value in analyzing, rather than simply storing and forgetting, these large masses of data. Sadly, advances in I/O performance have lagged the development of commodity processor and memory technology, putting pressure on systems to deliver data fast enough for these types of data-intensive analysis. This dissertation proposes a system called Active Disks that takes advantage of the processing power on individual disk drives to run application-level code. Moving portions of an application's processing directly to the disk drives can dramatically reduce data traffic and take advantage of the parallelism already present in large storage systems. It provides a new point of leverage to overcome the I/O bottleneck.

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we are a school and we want to store all the school's data on the nas server.
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Examples of such storage networks include centrally managed systems like Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storage devices, or even highly distributed systems like a P2P network or a Sensor Network.

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Leveraging your web app framework’s CSRF protection makes cookies rock solid for storing a JWT. CSRF can also be partially prevented by checking the HTTP Referer and Origin header from your API. CSRF attacks will have Referer and Origin headers that are unrelated to your application.

I have a need to find all of the writable storage devices attached to a given machine, whether or not they are mounted.
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It is just 6 bay nas. For better space efficiency, you'd better using one volume. You can use multiple partitions on single Raid volume to serve users.

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What if only one of the scripts you use is compromised? Malicious JavaScript can be embedded on the page, and Web Storage is compromised. These types of XSS attacks can get everyone’s Web Storage that visits your site, without their knowledge. This is probably why a bunch of organizations advise not to store anything of value or trust any information in web storage. This includes session identifiers and tokens.

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In WSN, security is one of the most important concern and also most of the researchers done their research in this field. Wireless sensor networks security can be achieved by data confidentiality, authentication, freshness, and integrity. Security issues in WSN are interception, interruption, fabrication, preventing attacks, modification, detecting attacks, methods to address WSN security and removing attacks etc. In thesis the numbers of attacks are also discussed by the researchers are: wormhole, DOS, black-hole, Sybil, sinkhole, node destruction, traffic analysis, monitor and eaves dropping, selective forwarding, node replication, malfunction etc.

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...urcesle had been tampered with; in this situation, the objectsle should also be restored or removed. 4 S4 External Interface S4 is an implementation of a network-attached self-securing storage device =-=[6, 19, 20]-=-. It exports an object interface to a set of clients via the network, and is designed to provide them with secure, versioned storage. 4.1 Provided Services The basic S4 system was designed to provide ...

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Web Storage (localStorage/sessionStorage) is accessible through JavaScript on the same domain. This means that any JavaScript running on your site will have access to web storage, and because of this can be vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. XSS in a nutshell is a type of vulnerability where an attacker can inject JavaScript that will run on your page. Basic XSS attacks attempt to inject JavaScript through form inputs, where the attacker puts alert('You are Hacked'); into a form to see if it is run by the browser and can be viewed by other users.