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The examination is passed and the thesis approved if there is no more than one negative vote. An abstention is regarded as a negative vote. The report to the Assistant VP of Graduate Studies will record the decision as unsatisfactory or satisfactory. If unsatisfactory, the candidate may be given a second attempt. A second unsatisfactory result constitutes a recommendation to the Board of Graduate Studies that the student be required to withdraw (see and ).

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Hall, Declan Lawson George. & Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. .

Thesis (Ph.D.)--Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1992.

The Fund supports the development of model projects, sponsors research to analyze systemic problems, and fosters innovative solutions. Beneficiaries of the Fund's grants include not-for-profit and public hospitals, nursing homes, and health care, academic, and public interest organizations.

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The California Endowment makes grants to organizations and institutions that directly benefit the health and well-being of Californians. Support is provided to nonprofit organizations with a valid tax exemption status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that are classified as a public charity and not as a "private foundation" under Section 509(a). If a proposal is from an unincorporated collaboration or community project, tax exemption verification and a letter of agreement signed by a lead applicant agency that is eligible for funding are required.

Hall, Declan Lawson George. and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

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Collaboration with staff at the University of Virginia who are involved in the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) includes demonstrating interoperability between documents marked up with ETD-ML and those marked up according to the .

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Collection Institutions involved in NDLTD are all working toward having students prepare ETDs so they can learn from that experience and at the same time help build a large and smoothly functioning digital library.

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Once the thesis has been officially submitted for examination, it cannot be withdrawn except with the permission of the Vice-Provost (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies).

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Having students prepare electronic documents, even though based on soundpedagogical and career growth principles, also brings up a key issue which is atthe heart of distinguishing digital libraries from the WWW.

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When the candidate has completed any changes recommended by the Thesis Examination Board the candidate must submit the final copy of their work via digital submission through the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository:

The university requires publication of the thesis in the following manner:

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Collaboration with a student at Rhodes University in South Africa deals with testing many of the tools discussed above, and complements efforts underway with various institutions in the Southeastern United States.