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Hot Spots: This is all about me. I have a list for Mind, Body, Emotions, Career, Finance, Relationships, Fun. This is where I create lists under each category of things that are important to me. Under Finance I'd put my mortgage, under Career I'd put all the projects and businesses I manage, under Body I'd put Muay Thai, sleeping 8 hours a night and low-carb diet. I can add notes to each of these items or just reflect on any of them every week to see which I'm neglecting and need to spend more time working on, or which I'm likely spending too much money on.

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Muay Thai is all about conflicting the most damage to your opponent with devastating hits.

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Growing internationalisation of the sport of Muay Thai has prompted a debate on which judging system should be implemented internationally; a western system very similar to boxing (used pre-2005 in the UK) or the system used in Thailand, the country of origin. This paper examined the possible impact on athlete performance of these two different judging systems. Notational analysis was conducted on fights involving competitors who have been judged exclusively using the pre 2005 UK judging system (N=16), and on fighters exclusively judged using the Thai judging system (N=16), to determine if these judging systems produced quantifiably different performances. Statistically significant differences were found between the groups. A Friedman’s ANOVA suggested that competitors judged using the Thai system were homogeneous in their technique selection using a similar pattern of techniques (p=0.14589), but that the competitors judged by the UK system were not (p=0.00277). Chi squared analysis suggested statistically differences across a range of variables including attacking techniques, defensive techniques, distancing, balance and effect. Fighters judged using the Thai system used more attacking and defensive techniques (pppp

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By providing an autoethnographic account of learning Muay Thai and a theoretical discussion on learning the author will provide a subsequent interpretation of Whiteheads’ theories applied to Muay Thai training and competition.

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This paper will also consider the educational merit of Muay Thai for marginalized identities as a consequence of developing active wisdom and courage.

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The Muay Thai documentary “Muay Thai” is a thesis of Saad Khayar at the ..

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